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Work In Progress Wednesday

Well I think I should count myself lucky that I didn't blow away this week with 2 storms passing through with 60 + mph winds!  Oh, and it's still raining.  One day it won't rain at all and that yellow thing will appear in the sky, but I'm starting to think that's the stuff of myths and legends...

Anywho, I hid from the storm in two places this week, on Saturday at the Celtic Connections Song School, where I sang Songs Of The Sea followed by some Bold And Bawdy songs with a great local group called Muldoon's Picnic.  I had taken a class with them last year and enjoyed it so much that I decided that the 2 classes I was going to do this year would both be with them.  Come to think of it, many of the songs might be handy if we ever need to start building that ark!  Anyway, if you have subsequently found yourself in my vicinity you may have heard me singing a few of these songs to myself, not all of them entirely polite (google the lyrics to Yarmouth Town or the Drunken Scotsman for an example ;o) )

On Sunday I got the second of my 2 bags finished for Dashwood Studios to display in their booth at Stitches later this month.  That and fixing the strap for the 1st bag, was the sum total of all my sewing for the last week, as I was otherwise engaged in grown up business things (ie the boring stuff)

I hope you all had a fun week and didn't blow away either!

Finishes This Week:

With apologies for the awful lighting, since I took these photos at 11:30 last night with my desktop studio lights, here is my Rainy Days & Mondays Bag, using Dashwood Studios' Streetlife collection.  I used some Bosal In R Form fusible foam for this one and I love the structure it gives it:

And here's the Mini Messenger Bag from last week, complete with strap.

In Progress This Week:

I'm going to say that ordering fabric from our kind sponsors at Remnant Kings, plus a 40" zip for the Sew Brit Bag Camp pattern (advanced) is totally progres

To Be Worked On This Week:

Hanging out with my mum and dad, who will be up this weekend staying at my gran's
The Camp Bag Pattern #2
Doing a little quilt show judging

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Book Review - Desert To Sea

Santa brought me a belated gift last week in the form of the Desert to Sea book compiled by Jane Davidson.

I think it was taking the slow boat all the round the world 3 times, but still, its label when it arrived amused the girls at reception at work no end, thanks for that Jane ;o)

The patterns for the ten quilts in the book were created by 8 different Australia based designers, many of whom I'm sure you'll recognise from your social media travels.

Although all the patterns are good, these 3 were my absolute favourites, I suspect subliminally it's partly because of the colour schemes, but it's mainly because they are not conventional quilt blocks, and I quite like the rebelliousness of  that :o)

I have seen that Lorena's taught classes in her Opal Essence quilt for those lucky enough to live in Australia, I'm sure it's a fun class!

I do love a good rainbow, and there's also Tula in this quilt from Danielle, which may have sucked me in a bit:

Rachael's work is always very cool, and she really embraces colour along with the more unusual design elements, like incorporating ricrac into her orange peels:

Her quilt is also featured with a koala, I think that should be a staple of every pattern from now on.  First catch your koala ;o)

The book is available from Amazon as well as directly from Jane and a number of other online booksellers, I think you all need to rush out and get one now!
Work In Progress Wednesday

Whew, it’s been a week of lots and lots of work at the day job.  We had a little bit of an implementation SNAFU a couple of weekends ago, and in fact 5 minutes after completing last week’s post, I was called back into the office and have been working for large amounts of time since.  I did get a little bit of sewing on Sunday, my day off, but when I was 99% done with it I decided I would need to change something.  As you do when you don’t have a lot of time…

Finishes This Week:


In Progress This Week:

This is the bag I’m 99% done with, what I need to change is the strap length, hence it’s looking a bit odd.  The pattern is my Mini Messenger Bag pattern and the fabric is Dashwood Studio’s Bloom.  It will be appearing at Stitches in February (with a strap ;o) )

To Be Worked On This Week:

Rainy Days & Mondays bag with Dashwood Studio’s Streetlife
QN Issue 21 pattern write up
Celtic Connections singing weekend
Probably more work

Hope you all had a more productive week!
The Presents That Time Forgot

Okay, well perhaps it wasn't time but me that forgot to share them, but let's gloss over that ;o)  Anyway, there are a couple of Christmas pressies and a birthday pressie that I knocked up that I thought you might like to see.  Actually, I'll only show you two finished projects, trust me, you'll thank me on the third!

You may remember that last year I made my mum the Traveller Bag (pattern available from my shop here):

It's a weekend bag, so it's really quite big:

So she asked if this year I could make her a companion bag that she could use with it when travelling, especially when flying, which she does a fair amount of between work and holidays.  The requirement was that there would be an easy access pocket for her iPad so that she could grab it and read without having to rummage for it, plus an adjustable strap to make it cross body and therefore leave her a free hand for tickets and things.  So this is what I came up with in the same main fabric as the original bag:

The pocket for her iPad is in the back, along with a zip pocket for boarding passes and passports.  Underneath the twist lock flap there are a number of other slip pockets for phones and other bits and pieces, and the main body of the bag has a zip closure as well so that if it slips round the back no-one can reach in for a rummage.  I'd like to get a pattern for this out, but I'm not promising a date or anything right now.

The other Christmas pressie I made was a fleece dressing gown for my dad (at his request).  It came from this pattern, and that's as much as I'm going to make you see of what it looked like ;o)

This was the first time that I used my overlocker to make clothes, and the first time I engaged the knife, which was a bit scary biscuits, but although I ended up with some slightly frilly seams I think it was successful in the end:

Finally, for his birthday last week I got my dad a fun wee in-car camera to use with his MG, and of course it needed a wee bag to live in.  I went for a retro print to match the retro car, using an old Melody Miller line from her pre-Cotton + Steel days for the main body of the bag, and a Denyse Schmidt print for the drawstring section:

How about you, did you make a lot of pressies for Christmas?
Work In Progress Wednesday

I can't believe we're 3 weeks into 2016 already!  But it seems that this whole 'having a plan on the wall' thing is actually working, even if I did spend some of Friday evening doing my accounts so that I could file my tax return at the weekend (living the life I tell you!)  I was nearly derailed by the HMRC website refusing to play on Sunday, but by Monday evening it was all back up and 20 minutes later I was done.  For the first time I actually had everything in the one place, it was unnervingly quick!

Anyway, when I wasn't satisfying the taxman, I made my next Quilt Now project, this month's Brit Bee block and a Moda Building Block, and now I'm waiting on a delivery for the next project.  The new project was a left fielder that came in at the end of last week, but with my handy new wall planner I could reshuffle things to accommodate it.  I'm still waiting for the penny to drop when I twig that I've forgotten to even plan something important, but we'll see...

Finishes This Week:

This is now on it's way to QN Towers for issue 21, albeit in a slightly different form!  The fabric is from the Colour Me range from Michael Miller.  There's quite a few prints in the line, but this one was a paisley and butterfly print.

Apologies for the horrible lighting on LJ's Brit Bee block, but this is a BIG sucker at 15" x 30", and I didn't finish until after dark on Sunday.  There are a million bits in this block (well, it felt like that anyway, there's actually *only* 175!))  The petals aren't actually staying where they are, but I have RSI issues that mean I can't needle turn applique them all, so I'm trading that part with my lovely bee mate Fiona who will then pass me some FPP at a later date :o)

In Progress This Week:

I got the next biggest of the Moda Building Blocks done on Monday.  As I'm making these blocks I'm trying to stick to the original colours from the pattern, but this block was an icky colour combo, so I took inspiration from LJ's block and got quite close.  This one is 24" and now I'm tackling the next 18" one, although I've run out of space on my design wall!

To Give You A Laugh This Week:

Reene mentioned on IG a couple of weeks ago that John Lewis had a sale on AMH Loominous.  It's a line that I didn't rush out and buy when it came out, but there were one or two nice ones in there, and at £7/metre it was worth checking out.  Unfortunately my local John Lewis didn't have any in stock, but there was a little on line.  I only bought a couple of metres, but this was how it arrived...

To Be Worked On This Week:

Left field project
Some more Moda Building Blocks while waiting for the fabric for the left field project
Write up the QN Issue 21 pattern

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Quilting Making Basics - Accurately Adding Triangles To The Sides Of A Square

I've recently been working my way through some of the blocks from the Moda Building Blocks pattern of 2014 (I jumped on the bandwagon late during a sale last November).  Some of the blocks that I've tackled have required me to add triangles to the sides of square to create 'square in square' blocks, and ocurred to me that as this pattern, like many, has absolutely no guidance on how best to do this.

This block had a couple of squares in squares:

The first thing to think about is that the triangle you are adding will be longer than the side of the square.  This is deliberate, due to how the 1/4" seam allowance will work, but it can be a pain measuring where it should fall on the square.  The easiest way is to start by folding the square in half in both directions and making a crease in the middle along the fold lines each way:

Now that you have your centre lines marked, you can place the long side of the triangle along the edge of the square and match the point to the crease you have just made:

I usually add my triangles so that they're in opposing pairs, as I've found that makes for the most accurate results.  Once finished, you should have a perfect square in square:

I hope that helps any of you that have been struggling with how to work this sort of thing out.

Quilt Now Issue 18

No, that's not a typo, but the postie didn't deliver so I had to rescue this copy from Sainsbury's quickly before Issue 19 hit the shelves today!  (The postie is as yet holding out on that one too)  Anyway, I actually made the cover in Issue 18 with my wee phone cover monster:

And the irony of the fact that my pattern is opposite a page entitled 'Missed An Issue' is not lost on me ;o)  Anyway, I thought this wee guy would be a fun cover for a kid's mobile, and his velcroed arms can grip onto the strap of a bag so he doesn't get lost.