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Work In Progress Wednesday

As this post goes live I'm travelling back from London with work, but I did have quite a busy time before I headed off on Monday.  I would have said partly because of the extra hour when the clocks went back on Sunday, but I ended up having an afternoon nap that might have mitigated that ;o)

On Saturday I headed over to the SECC to the Hobbycraft show, where I caught up with Jo of My Bearpaw, and Hazel at Remnant Kings, but to be honest as shows go, I probably would only go to if I had a free ticket (as I did this time, thanks Nessa!)  Still, it kicked a few creative juices into gear from those two stalls, so that was worth it.

Please excuse the IG photos in this post, but as I was travelling I forgot to bring my camera card!

Finishes This Week:

With it being the 'rainier than usual' season right now, a waterproof handbag was a must.  Obviously.  This will get a full airing at a later point this week, but here it is for now:

In Progress This Week:

My squares are getting laid out now for the Reunion Quilt, but I rather lost the will after 3 rows, and the handbag took over ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

Those bee blocks, enough said

Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Finish Along Sponsor Highlight - Happy Quilting

If it's Tuesday, it must be time to highlight another one of our fabulous Finish Along sponsors, and this week's it's Melissa from Happy Quilting:

One of the things that Melissa does well in her patterns is to use a lot of colours throughout her patterns, so I thought I'd highlight the ones in her pattern shop that really showed off the rainbow.  The bonus is that many of them are beginner friendly too, so everyone can get in on the action.

Firstly Simply By Design, which in this case uses V & Co's prints to move through the colours on the diagonal, but really could embrace any rainbow palette:

Next we have a Bonnie & Camille palette in the Turnovers quilt where the colours are dotted about:

And finally, her first ever pattern, Summer Breeze with colourful stars spinning colours throughout:

Pop on over to see what else is on offer in the Happy Quilting Pattern Shop.
Fragmented Heart, Or Rubies For A Ruby - Blogger's Quilt Festival Original Design

Ha, so there I was yesterday telling you all that I didn't have a single quilt finish since the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival and then a kind soul reminded me I had made this in June (it had slipped through the net having been filed under 'pressies' rather than 'finished quilts' in my photo archive):

The story behind this is that I made it for my parents' ruby wedding anniversary at the beginning of July.

I started by grabbing a 'Ruby' bundle from Oakshott, which seemed rather appropriately named, not to mention the fact that Oakshott cottons are woven in India where they've enjoyed 2 recent holidays.

Then I grabbed some flip chart paper (the perks of being the child of someone that does a lot of presentations in their day job) and drew out a heart shape, then created the outer borders and cut out my 'inner' and 'outer'.

Splitting my fabric into warmer and cooler wefts, and using the paper as a foundation, I started to improv piece the heart first.  I started off with the entire heart, but then realised it would be easier if I cut it down some and then joined those bits together afterwards.  Having learned from the heart, I split the outer into 4 sections right away.

Once both the inner and outer bits were pieced, I then took a bit of yardage I'd bought of one of the middle red tones, and created a 'porthole' with the outer bit.  I used both blanket stitch and straight stitch to hold it in place, partly from a decorative point of view, and partly because as it was a big shape, I was a bit worried that at the straight stitch part any small movement out of place would lead me to missing a bit!

I then grabbed 5 different shades and weights of Aurifil and did a star burst type effect with the quilting, since I didn't want to do any heavy quilting on it.  I promise the whole thing is both straight and flat, it's just that it had been folded up for quite some time in its wrapping before this, because I forgot to take a pic before I handed it over...

I'm entering this into the Original Design section of the festival, as that's where I thought it fit best.

The Stats:

Fabric: Oakshott Rubies throughout
Thread: Aurifil 50 wt for both piecing and quilting, plus some 40 wt, 28 wt and 12 wt for the quilting
Batting: EQS Sew Simple Supersoft 100% Cotton
Size: 24" square approx.
Piecing: Me, myself and I
Quilting: Straight line starburst effect
Quilted by: Again me
Pattern: From the deep, dark, recesses of my mind

Confessions Of The Slowest Quilter Ever

If it's time for Fall Market, it must also be time for the Fall Bloggers Quilt Festival.  My blog feed is filling up nicely with quilts being shown off, and my IG feed is filling up with the fabric that will no doubt feature in the Spring Bloggers Quilt Festival.  Since it was all kicking off, I toddled off to have a look at my quilty finishes in the last 5 months and discovered...

I Katy Cameron, hoster of the Finish Along 2014, am the slowest quilt finisher ever.  I have finished precisely no more quilts than I had in May, oh the shame of it!  That's not to say I haven't finished anything mind you, I have a lovely set of pillow cases, more bags than you can shake a stick at and a Christmas stocking, but no quilts.  It's also not to say I haven't started any.  I actually have all of these on the go:

I swear this is an entirely basted quilt now.  A whole weekend's retreat worth of people saw me basted, so it honestly isn't a figment of my highly overactive imagination, it's just not finished.  And I haven't taken another photo since this one.

Then we have this, from my Stitch Tease bee mates.  I had really high hopes of getting to this on our recent weekend away, but it's not got further than the top 2 rows sewn together (after I'd filled all the curves in and, you've guessed it, forgot to take a photo):

Then there's this one, started at the weekend away, but now I've changed my mind on the recipient because all laid out it became clear it was too pink/peach for the original intended giftee, so now I've had to swap with the other recipient in my to do list:

Which then brings me to this one, which needs a whole bunch of HSTs to be sewn and used to fill in the gaps, and another 3 rows added on the bottom (there's 3 rows already there, I know it's not particularly clear, sorry!)

I'm just not even going there on these 3 either, I don't have the energy!

I hope you fared better than me in the finishes for showing off stakes!
Work In Progress Wednesday

Well hasn't the weather just been delightful recently?  For those of you that haven't been graced with Hurricane Gonzalo, lucky old you!  Nothing like being blown across the carpark on your way into work o.O  Still, it's making it entertaining when looking out the window of the office shows the sky going dark grey to blue and back all in the space of one teleconference!  Hmm, did I just admit to staring out the windows in meetings? *ahem*

Anywho, while I was hiding out from the weather over the weekend I was working on 3 projects for upcoming publications.   Unfortunately I can't share 2 of the finished things, but I can give you some previews, if you'll excuse the IG pics.  I'll give you previews of the fabric side though, the pattern side looks pretty boring in a photo ;o)  Hey, I wonder if there's a prize for the number of substrates being used in one week - I have quilting cotton, leather, batting, denim, home dec weight cotton, felt and metal.

This time next week I'll be just finishing up a business trip to London for 3 days, so I suspect my WIPs might not be too P'ed next week!

Finishes This Week:

This is done and written up - Cotton + Steel basics + Mirror Ball Dots + gold leather FTW!  This one will be out in December in Love Sewing:

This is written up, and should be out fairly soon, keep an eye out for the next Intrepid Thread newsletter:

Yay, a finish I can show you.  Now I'd like you to carefully contain your excitement here, but I extended my design wall along the whole length of the curtain pole that's at the top of my living room wall.  Are you ready?  Here we go (that bottom corner isn't flash BTW, it's real, live, actual sun, albeit briefly):

In Progress This Week:

Now after the excitement of that last finish, here's a Quilt Now project I've been working on, but isn't quite done yet:

Oh, I cut this all up now too.  It's just lots of squares though.  Lots and lots and lots of squares.  I was a real geek and tally marked them all too to make sure I had enough!  They're why I needed to extend the design wall though, as there will be much head scratching with the layout for this one:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the petals
Bee blocks
If any sanity remains, start laying out the squares

Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Finish Along Sponsor Highlight - Fat Quarter Shop

It's the start of Quarter 4 and time to celebrate our sponsors one last time.  This week is grand prize sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop:


As it's the week before Market I just know that the FQS team will be out shopping this weekend for a huge range of new fabrics, but in the meantime, here are a few lovelies that I think you need to help relieve them of, you know, so they have room for the new stock ;o)

Okay, so this one isn't actually in stock yet, but you can preorder.  Look at all the pretty colours...

I do have a bit of a weakness for aqua and grey, so I might need this:

This is not my usual type of print, but I do rather like the saturated colours and rug patterns in this.  Oooh, it might make a great bathmat maybe?

I swear this pattern has been sweeping the blogosphere/IG of late, and here's a kit to save you raiding your stash:

I rather fell for the bright colours in this at Market back in May, so I think I might need to rescue this.  Just as soon as I think of a project for it...

Okay, that's me exhausted my virtual wallet for now, now off you go and exhaust your real ones ;o)
Lovely Happy Mail

On Saturday my postie must have realised that I needed a pick me up, because he brought me some lovely happy mail all the way from the glitter-tastic Molli Sparkles way down under in Sydney.

Josh tells me that Mr Sparkles didn't want to see these leave the house, so I shall, of course, be leaving the killer spider, and his wasp mates to guard them when I leave the flat...

These were part of a pay it forwards round, which I opened up to my IG friends since I did the last one on here, however 2 of them haven't sent me their addresses yet, so the opportunity may open up again if they don't get their skates on ;o)