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Work In Progress Wednesday

Well hasn't the weather just been delightful recently?  For those of you that haven't been graced with Hurricane Gonzalo, lucky old you!  Nothing like being blown across the carpark on your way into work o.O  Still, it's making it entertaining when looking out the window of the office shows the sky going dark grey to blue and back all in the space of one teleconference!  Hmm, did I just admit to staring out the windows in meetings? *ahem*

Anywho, while I was hiding out from the weather over the weekend I was working on 3 projects for upcoming publications.   Unfortunately I can't share 2 of the finished things, but I can give you some previews, if you'll excuse the IG pics.  I'll give you previews of the fabric side though, the pattern side looks pretty boring in a photo ;o)  Hey, I wonder if there's a prize for the number of substrates being used in one week - I have quilting cotton, leather, batting, denim, home dec weight cotton, felt and metal.

This time next week I'll be just finishing up a business trip to London for 3 days, so I suspect my WIPs might not be too P'ed next week!

Finishes This Week:

This is done and written up - Cotton + Steel basics + Mirror Ball Dots + gold leather FTW!  This one will be out in December in Love Sewing:

This is written up, and should be out fairly soon, keep an eye out for the next Intrepid Thread newsletter:

Yay, a finish I can show you.  Now I'd like you to carefully contain your excitement here, but I extended my design wall along the whole length of the curtain pole that's at the top of my living room wall.  Are you ready?  Here we go (that bottom corner isn't flash BTW, it's real, live, actual sun, albeit briefly):

In Progress This Week:

Now after the excitement of that last finish, here's a Quilt Now project I've been working on, but isn't quite done yet:

Oh, I cut this all up now too.  It's just lots of squares though.  Lots and lots and lots of squares.  I was a real geek and tally marked them all too to make sure I had enough!  They're why I needed to extend the design wall though, as there will be much head scratching with the layout for this one:

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the petals
Bee blocks
If any sanity remains, start laying out the squares

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Finish Along Sponsor Highlight - Fat Quarter Shop

It's the start of Quarter 4 and time to celebrate our sponsors one last time.  This week is grand prize sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop:


As it's the week before Market I just know that the FQS team will be out shopping this weekend for a huge range of new fabrics, but in the meantime, here are a few lovelies that I think you need to help relieve them of, you know, so they have room for the new stock ;o)

Okay, so this one isn't actually in stock yet, but you can preorder.  Look at all the pretty colours...

I do have a bit of a weakness for aqua and grey, so I might need this:

This is not my usual type of print, but I do rather like the saturated colours and rug patterns in this.  Oooh, it might make a great bathmat maybe?

I swear this pattern has been sweeping the blogosphere/IG of late, and here's a kit to save you raiding your stash:

I rather fell for the bright colours in this at Market back in May, so I think I might need to rescue this.  Just as soon as I think of a project for it...

Okay, that's me exhausted my virtual wallet for now, now off you go and exhaust your real ones ;o)
Lovely Happy Mail

On Saturday my postie must have realised that I needed a pick me up, because he brought me some lovely happy mail all the way from the glitter-tastic Molli Sparkles way down under in Sydney.

Josh tells me that Mr Sparkles didn't want to see these leave the house, so I shall, of course, be leaving the killer spider, and his wasp mates to guard them when I leave the flat...

These were part of a pay it forwards round, which I opened up to my IG friends since I did the last one on here, however 2 of them haven't sent me their addresses yet, so the opportunity may open up again if they don't get their skates on ;o)

Finish Along Quarter 3 Prize Redraw

So there were 2 people that failed to claim their prizes the first time round, which means they went back into the pot for a redraw, and we have 2 new winners.

http://capitolaquilter.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

http://aquilterstable.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

If you see yourself in the list above PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!  Do this either by clicking on the e-mail link or by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the screen.

If I do not hear from any winners within 5 days, I will redraw for that prize.

Finish Along Quarter 3 - The Stats

I know some of you are hanging out for these, and others of you are cringing in anticipation, so let me put you all out of your misery for another quarter.

Finish Along 2014

The good bits:

  1. 155 people linked up at the start of Q3
  2. 103 people linked up at the end of Q3, and about 99% remembered to link back to their starting lists
  3. Several people missed the link up for the start of Q3
  4. No-one confessed to missing the link up at the end of Q3
  5. We had 367 finishes linked up at the end of Q3
  6. That's an average of 3 1/2 finishes per person
  7. Which is an 8% better achievement rate than Q2
The bad bits:
  1. 2 people STILL haven't claimed their prizes for Q3, 1 more day to claim people, then I redraw!
The really bad bits:
  1. People still can't spell...
  2. 1 person STILL failed to get a functioning link in both the start and the end parties so I couldn't find them to look at their lists - please check that your links work when you enter, it should look something like:  http://fairyfacedesigns.blogspot.ie/2014/07/a-made-to-measure-medallion-finish.html  If you see something other than that sort of URL, ie it starts referencing your bloggerID and lists and things, then it won't work.
Och, I think I've nearly got you all whipped into shape now and its almost the end of the year!  I'll be announcing next year's victim host soon...

Work In Progress Wednesday

It's saying something that I walked out of work with my friend the other day and asked if she could see any plates above my head as I had a bit of a fear I'd left one spinning somewhere out of control.  With all the finishes to tally and everything to post, and trying to catch up on my blog reading, I've fallen into a bit of a space/time black hole, but I think I've caught up now, just about...

Over the weekend I took my gran out to lunch and to see the pool at Tollcross where I was working at the Commonwealths.  She used to go there with her friend on their days out on a Saturday.  May's been gone for a few years now, but I wanted to show gran how much it had changed with all the bits they added on ahead of the Games.  I also got some sewing in, and some cutting, and ordered a couple of things for an upcoming project, so I think I'll be set for a few projects for a while...

Since I forgot to do this last week, I'll give you a 2 week roundup.

Finishes This Week:

This pressie got done.  Oh, sorry, you think that doesn't look like much?  Yeah, well, I'll reveal all in about 2 1/2 months' time ;o)

In Progress This Week:

I got this basted while I was at the Brit Bee Weekender.  I *still* didn't remember to take a photo of it, sorry, I was a bit too worried about getting back inside as I thought I might be scaring the kids in the next cottage crawling around on our patio area in my jammies ;o)

I got my top completed for my Mormor Plum Crazy quilt.  I have to make a back out of the other half of the line, but I haven't got past cutting the patterned fabrics for that yet. (Apologies for the crappy in the dark lighting on my design wall)

Then I delved into the deep, dark recesses of my fabric stash (as in so deep I bought these just after I first started quilting) and grabbed this fat 8th bundle of Sweetwater Reunion which I've started cutting up.  It's just squares though so I'm sparing you the excitement of that...

To Be Worked On This Week:

Keep on cuttin'
Start sewin' the cuttin'
That'd be it...

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Finish Along Quarter 3 Winners!

So the entries have been recorded, number crunched and fed through Mr RNG, who has declared the following winners for Q3 of the FAL:

http://marysemakethings.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:


http://theshyonesews.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

http://thatssewcreative.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

Sew Sweetness

http://www.lilypatchquilts.com/ wins:


http://quiltinjenny.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

http://cabinfibers.blogspot.co.uk/ wins:

http://www.aplaceofmyown.co.uk/ wins:

$25 gift certificate to Mad About Patchwork

If you see yourself in the list above PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!  Do this either by clicking on the e-mail link or by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the screen.

If I do not hear from any winners within 5 days, I will redraw for that prize.