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Quilt Making Basics Tutorial - 25 Patch Blocks And Beyond

We've now covered 4, 9 and 16 patch blocks, so it's now time to look beyond them and into the crazier numbers of 25 patch and beyond, and their associated crazier block layouts.

By the time you get up into the larger patch numbers, it's easy to be confused by the merging of different areas of a block's layout.  For example, this is a 25 patch layout, or 5 x 5 layout.  The clue to this is actually in the centre cross, where 5 squares make up the width/height of the block, meaning that the HSTs are actually covering an area that is a 2 x 2 patch:

This is a 36 patch block.  The clue here is that each goose is twice the width of the square in the corner, so you would have a 6 x 6 square layout.  That means that the centre square is a 2 x 2 patch.

Here's are a couple of 64 patch offering.  They're a teensy bit mind blowing to look at, but all they are is a combination of squares, rectangles and HSTs, you just need to find the smallest section and count out from there to get your grid.

I hope these make sense, but if you have any questions, please let me know!
Out To Lunch...

I'm over at the Remnant Kings' blog today, showing  you how to make a lunch bag and a pencil case, perfect for Back To School time:

Head on over to check it out, and even if you're not heading back to school, I won't tell if you suddenly feel an urge for a new pencil case to go with your adult colouring book, or a new bag to schlepp your own lunch into work ;o)
Work In Progress Wednesday

You know how I said last week that the early mornings were finished with?  Ha!  Hahahahahaha!  Still going, and I've discovered just how long a crappy Nokia Windows phone will stay on a call before hanging up (10 hours, in case you're wondering)  Aren't you glad you don't pay my work phone bill?  I certainly am!  Anywho, consequently the evenings have been a wee bit of a blur, and Saturday wasn't much to write home about either, requiring a nap mid afternoon!  Oh, the hoovering got done finally... it was decided when the most enormous spider hove over the horizon (aka my home PC and work laptop mice) and had to be removed stat!  Of course while I had the hoover out and running it seemed a shame to waste it.

Still, all that aside, I've got tantalisingly close to finishing the original part of the MSW quilt, with just a teeny bit of sky left to sew together.  It's all laid out on my cutting table, I just need to finish at a sensible time to be able to stitch it together, wish me luck!  I also got my tutorials for the Remnant Kings blog finished, so I'll post about that when it goes live.

I hope you all had a better week with considerably more sleep!

Finishes This Week:

This is now assembled into 2 things, along with some friends, for the Remnant Kings tutorial:

In Progress This Week:

I got sucked into something else this week - did you notice that I conveniently failed to mention that above?  Well it's all Mr Sainsbury's fault, on Monday he had these colouring books at the end of the salad aisle you see, and it seemed like such a calming way to while away the early mornings while the tests run though...  So I decided to dig out all my coloured pencils to see what I could colour in with.  Turns out, I have a bit of a coloured pencil habit!  Most of these are watercolour pencils, but there's some pastel pencils in there too.  

I can remember spending my pocket money on the grey barrelled ones when I was about 7, and the ones with the gold ends were my dad's that he got around the same time, but which I eventually acquired as he wasn't using them ;o)  The natural wood ones on the top row were free with a magazine series, the pastel pencils top right were from my A-Level art class (the particularly short ones had a very tough exam!), the black barrelled ones were from my scrapbooking days, the ones in the tin were from a set I bought to take to FQR for some class there that I can't even remember, the blue barrelled set I picked up in South Africa when I lived there and obviously felt I needed some, possibly for scrapbooking, and then the metallic ones with the wood barrels on the bottom left were also picked up for scrapbooking,  

My first shot of these gave people with OCD fits on IG, so I won't share that, but here they are all laid out.  Of course now I need to make a colour chart for them all before I can use them for colouring in...

When I wasn't playing with my crafty toys, I got parts 4-5 of my MSW completed.  I'm going to be absolutely stuffed when I get this all together though, as it won't all fit on the wall, and unless it stops raining, I won't be able to get photos of it outside!  I have been eyeing up a wall in the office that might work though, but that will have to be an after hours activity, I think my colleagues think I'm nuts already ;o):

To Be Worked On This Week:

Keep on keeping on with the MSW
Ponder a new pattern
Work on some boring business stuff
Maybe rescue a friend from a damp caravan up the road...

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Camera Challenge 7 - Using Natural Light Outdoors

Ahh, natural light…  This is a well-loved term, often used sneeringly by a certain section of the photographic community when suggesting that anything else is beneath contempt.  I have usually found that those suggesting this don’t know how to use anything else, but we will tackle ‘anything else’ later on in the series ;o)

Apologies to those of you who are now in mid-winter, but for those of you in the northern hemisphere currently enjoying summer, this should be a relatively easy challenge for you (I hope those in the southern hemisphere can at least capitalise on a little weekend light, whilst enjoying the fact that the ends of the day are closer to each other!)

Photography has no end of unwritten rules and suggestions, many of which are around the use of light, and if you were to follow them all I think there would be about a 5 minute window during 6 days of the year when you could actually take a photo!  This challenge is all about exploring the available light and the effect it has on your photos.

I’m sure you will have noticed that the sun doesn’t leap up over the horizon and immediately shine brightly, so your challenge is to choose an object to photograph at different points throughout a sunny day from not long after sunrise (if possible) through to just after sunset.  Try and get a photo at least at the height of the ‘midday’ sun (although if you’re on some kind of summertime/daylight savings time that might not actually be at 12!) and at either end of the day, but if you can squeeze in one or two more on either side of midday that would be good.  Leave your white balance on auto for this challenge.

Challenge number 2 is for a cloudy day, if you happen to have one (although preferably not raining!), where you should repeat the challenge.  Note that if you don't have cloudy summer days, feel free to come and visit me, we have plenty ;o)

I look forward to seeing your results!
My Small World Quilt Along - Thoughts On Saving Your Green In Part 5

I'm not sure how many of you are at part 5 of your MSW quilts yet, but when I got there I thought, 'That's a lot of little squares that are going to get hidden under those rainbows!'  Then I looked at the amount of green fabrics I had and thought, 'And I haven't got enough to hide that many.'

What to do?  Well the most sensible option seemed to be to use some rectangles of scrap fabric behind the rainbows, but I wasn't sure how best to work that bit in so I decided I'd get part 6 done and try and work out where my hills/rainbows would go from there.

Here's my full section 4 next to my section 6 with my rainbows pinned in place to match where they seemed to be on the photos/diagrams of section 5:

Then, had I had any, I would have got the graph paper out, but Illustrator seemed to work just as well ;o)  If you don't have Illustrator, but want to go the electronic route, anything that allows you to draw squares, rectangles and semicircles would work just fine.

I measured out the gaps, and then placed 'rainbows' on my replica part 5 hill sections.  After that I worked out where I could save on squares - anything that I thought might show had to be a square, but the rest could be rectangles in whatever way would fit best.

Here's what my diagram came out like:

I used some natural cotton for the rectangles, then pieced my hills and related sky sections.  I then popped them on the wall in place of my section 4 so that I could see if it looked right (note that they're not all joined at this point since the top rainbow actually gets pieced in)

Finally I joined them all together, having pinned the bottom 3 rainbows together on the design wall to keep them in the same position when I appliqued them on:

If that all seemed like a wee bit too much work then you can totally go the squares route, or you can use my diagram above (although I'm going double size, everything is proportional, it's just not 100% identical to Jen's with the placement of the right hand 2), whatever works for you, I just hope this may have saved a wee bit of someone's sanity/precious fabrics!
Work In Progress Wednesday

Well I finally escaped the early morning starts at work... this morning!  With that in mind, my energy for evening sewing has been somewhat depleted, not to mention hanging out with my mum and gran for Friday evening and most of Saturday taking out another chunk of time.  I did get half of a new tutorial for Remnant Kings done on Sunday, right up until the point I realised that I'd ordered the wrong size of zip and didn't have an appropriate replacement in my stash.  Seriously, every colour under the rainbow *but* the one I needed!  Big deep breaths were taken before I dove back into my MSW (such a hardship)  I got the correct size and colour of zip last night, so my priority for this week is the other half of the tutorial, but I can feel a milestone coming in my MSW, so I'm sure I won't be able to keep away.  What did your week bring?  Lots of sewing, or lots of summer adventures?

Finishes This Week:

Half that tutorial.  It was one of two things, so it counts, honest.  I'll share the details soon, but I'll leave you thinking about what I could have done with this:

In Progress This Week:

I had to take sections 1-3 of my MSW off my design wall so that I could get sections 4-6 up there.  So far I've completed sections 4 and 6, I just need to work out my section 5 background.  I don't really want to do a ton of squares of green that will be completely hidden by rainbows, so I need to get thinking...  I know, the lighting is still terrible, but it keeps raining (and I took the photo at midnight ;o) )

To Be Worked On This Week:

Tutorial round 2
Section 5 and starting the extension panels for my MSW
I might just tackle that hoovering I mentioned a few weeks ago.  Then again...

Hope you all have a great week!  Linking up with Lee and the gang: