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Work In Progress Wednesday

So at 8:30 last night, I shut down my work laptop for the last time for 8 whole days, and I'm now on holiday... to work at the Commonwealths.  Oh yes, I really know how to take a break ;o)  I do have today off specifically because I'm going to the opening ceremony though, and I have got a little sewing in (although it's almost a bit too hot to have the iron on all the time, so I'm sewing all I can before I have to turn it on to press things, then unplugging it again!).

I hope you all have a great week, and for those of you in the Commonwealth, I hope you have a great Games!  As this goes live, I'll be meeting my dad and we'll be heading into the stadium for the opening ceremony.  From tomorrow I'll be at Tollcross, directing people for the swimming with my green foam finger and doing my best to avoid any cameras...

Finishes This Week:

My first project to be tackled this week was Anneliese's late bee blocks (I got a bye, she's on holiday), bringing me back up to date with my blocks:

I've got 2/3 of my pillowcases from my FAL Q3 list on Monday complete.  It would have been 3/3, but it turned out I didn't buy quite enough of the green voile, so I've had to order more in.

In Progress This Week:

I've got 7/8 of this turned into a top, but a cutting error means that one bit will find its way onto the back, while I wait for a replacement piece to come through.  I'm just lucky I was able to get hold of another bit!

To Be Worked On This Week:

If the replacement piece arrives in time, finishing the Christmas top, and maybe quilting after my shifts (providing the loft, aka my basting area, isn't too tropical!)
The voile quilt top

Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Finish Along Sponsor Highlight - Fat Quarter Shop

It's that time of the week again when we highlight one of the fabulous sponsors for the Finish Along, and this week is grand prize sponsor The Fat Quarter Shop:


One of the longest running online fabric shops on the virtual block, The Fat Quarter Shop is a veritable Aladin's cave of fabric of every style you can possibly imagine.  So what's got me excited right now?
Some of this might be sitting in a basket right now waiting for a sale.  I missed out on the basics at Market, but they are such a glorious range of colours, I'm going to need some, right?

Psst, on the blog right now they have a competition to win each of the feature Cotton & Steel lines, there's still time to enter if you get in there today!
I fell for this hard at Violet Craft's Schoolhouse at Market, I was so sad they didn't have this at sample spree, but I might have to rescue some soon, and possibly include the other colourways too...

I'm sure this fabric is something the super cool kids will carefully curate for some perfectly timed fussy cuts, if only I could think of what that ideal situation might be (it will no doubt occur to me about 6 months after it's no longer available)

I actually saw a really cool pair of bags with this Mr Chillingsworth skeleton panel the other day (although damned if I can remember where!), but in the meantime you can admire him in this quilt kit:

I'm rather liking this Top 20 of the Pure Elements solids from Art Gallery Fabrics.  AGF fabrics have the most gorgeous hand, so I can imagine a quilt made of these would feel fabulous, maybe assembled exactly like they are in the photo below!

Now I think that's enough droolworthy options for you for today, off you go and buy up lots of stock to say thank you for being such generous sponsors :o)
My Q3 Finish Along List

So I realised that I completely forgot to write a list for myself for Q2, and thought I'd better get to the Q3 list quickly before it was half over!  I'm still going to be crazy busy between work and the Commonwealths for a while, so I'm going super easy on myself for a while.  These all seemed to fit the bill, so we'll see how far I get...

1. Christmas Quilt.  I know, I don't like to mention the 'C' word before about the 20th of December, but this should be simple:

2. AMH Voile Quilt.  I already have a voile + velveteen quilt, so this is going to be the summer weight version with voile on the back too:

3. Pretty Potent Pillowcases.  These are a mixture of cotton and voile, and I'm just basing them on some pillowcases I have in the linen cupboard:

4. Modern Quilt Bee Quilt.  I was hoping to jump start on these over the weekend, but then I realised I only had 10 rather than 11 blocks.  I don't mind having to make 2, but I wasn't feeling up to pulling all that fabric for 2 blocks:

5. Glimma Logs Quilt.  I started this as a simple project around New Year.  All it needs to finish the top is 2 logs in white, then I had planned to practice my FMQ on each of the logs.  I might do this along with Jess, but I doubt I'll be able to keep up, so we'll see.

Wish me luck...
Gone Out To Play

Tonight I'm going to ignore the pouring rain outside, take a break, pull on my waterproofs and go out to play with my friend Karen at this little number:

Hope you're all having a great weekend, whatever you're up to :o)
Work In Progress Wednesday

I have to admit that I don't really know which way is up right now.  I'm working a lot, wrapping up the training for the Commonwealths, and quietly losing my mind.  At least as of next Wednesday I'm off the day job for a week and a day, albeit I have 6 days of Commonwealth work in there.  Once they wrap up, I'm hoping things will ease up a bit, keep your fingers crossed please!

Finishes This Week:

The little spare time I had was spent on bee blocks, in an effort to clear the decks, so I did block #2 for Trina in Stitch Tease (I really must find out what in Picasa web albums turns these bright whites grey, they're fine until I load them here!):

And then these summery 'That Block's for Sew Me Sara for the Modern Stitching Bee:

In Progress This Week:

You must be joking

To Be Worked On This Week:

My mental health

Linking up with Lee and the gang:

Whole Lotta Bag Feature

My lovely friend and erstwhile Market roomie, Rachael over at Imagine Gnats asked me a while ago if one of her fabulous contributors could make my Whole Lotta Bag out of the beautiful chambray she'd just got in stock.

Head on over to Rachael's blog to see how Laurel got on with it, then drop by the Imagine Gnats shop to get your hands on some chambray of your own.

Oh, and while you're at the chambray, I think you need some of this double gauze, because, you know, seals.  And cuteness...  I have some hoarded, I just haven't got round to using it yet...