Whew, it's coming up to summer, so it must be time to review the Winter Stitching List and see how well I did compared to my original list.  Just before I start though, you may have missed me mentioning that I'm heading to Sewing Summit this year with the nutty Laura, Laura, Danny and more.  Laura #1 is my roomie, and Laura #2 will be doing a mad road trip with me after, in fact she's written all about it, and a new project that she and Danny and I are starting... ;o)

Anywho, back to that list!  Here's everything I created since the start of the Winter Stitching List back on the 19th of October that was on the original list:

Original Winter Stitching List Creations

My list started off pretty long, and then grew o.O  But here's how I did with the original list:
  1. 1 commissioned teddy bear - almost completely sewn and ready for jointing and stuffing - DONE 04/11 
  2. 1 teddy bear for a raffle at GYTBE - marked out on the fur and ready to go - DONE 17/11 
  3. 1 zippered pouch tutorial for my guest blog post on Sew Happy Geek next week - I have most of the bits, and a plan, just need to make it and take photos this weekend!  - DONE 23/10 
  4. Bee blocks for Piece Bee With You for October, November, January, February and March - October is 2/3 complete - All DONE 
  5. Bee blocks for Sew Bee Joyful for October, November, January, February and March - I have fabric pulled for October, and a plan, but that's it so far - All DONE 
  6. Wall hanging for the Table Runner and Wall Hanging swap - fabric is pulled, and wall hanging designed - DONE 30/10 
  7. 4 redwork blocks for a special project - patterns are traced, and fabric and thread bought - DONE 22/12 
  8. 2-4 cushion covers for my gran for Christmas (I'll need to see how easy they are) - thread for Big Brother's Little Brother (aka the overlocker) and cushion blanks have already been bought - DONE 20/12 
  9. 1 bird mobile for my granny for Christmas - birds are cut out and ready to be sewn, twigs still need to be collected - DONE 27/12 
  10. 1 dress for me for the Christmas party - I have fabric, and am planning to use the Party Dress book for the pattern - Abandoned due to change in party plans 
  11. 1 skirt for mum - all the materials are ready to go, just need to draw up a pattern using the Sew What Skirts book - DONE 05/02 
  12. 2 skirts for me - fabric already on hand, pattern to draw using the Sew What Skirts book and notions to buy as requires  - not done, as I wanted to lose some weight first, and they're winter weight fabrics, so these can now wait til later in the year 
  13. Panda girl to finish  - Not done, poor girl! 
  14. 1 lunch bag tutorial - as this came 2nd in the poll I ran, although this might be a new year project! - Not done, been a bit tuted out this year so far!  Maybe soon though... 
  15. 1 skirt and tunic for me - another cord one, this time in burgundy, using a Burda magazine pattern, and a tunic that I already have all the fabrics etc for, and even have the pattern traced, from Sew Serendipity  - Not done, see point 12 
  16. A large pile of bags.  I have loads of patterns etc drawn out, and piles of fabric, so I may be having a very merry January and February working on these :o) - I've worked on lots of bags, but not finished any of my own pattern ones yet :o/ 
  17. 1 coat for me - this may be totally pie in the sky!  I'd love to be able to make a coat from the pattern in Sew Serendipity in this fabric - Yeah, never had a chance! 
Okay, so that's 10/17 done, which doesn't sound that great, until you consider that I also did:

The alternative winter stitching list

(and there's 7 things didn't make in here, but there's a 36 photo limit!)
  1. Amy Butler Sew Along bags x 2 for January, plus a snappy purse to go with one of them, then series was abandoned by Bree, who was running it - Done 13/12
  2. Fixed Tedster's sore back - Done 08/11
  3. Made another sewing kit for the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day in December - Done 10/12
  4. 4 stocking fillers for the family - Done 23/12
  5. Pattern tested for Sara - Done 11/01
  6. Made a Kindle cover for dad - Done 12/01
  7. Make Green Bag Lady tote for SAL - Done 04/01
  8. Make a scarf for granny for extra Christmas pressie - Done 03/01
  9. Make 5 Japanese x and + blocks for the Flickr swap - Done 15/02
  10. Make a cushion and 2 scrap buckets for my FTLOS partner - Done 04/03
  11. Participate in the Sew Happy Quilt QAL, making all 12 blocks into a top - Done 11/03
  12. Participate in the Stained QAL - Done 17/04
  13. Make a double decker iPad cover for dad - Done 02/02
  14. Make a teacosy and stand for mother's day for mum - Done 17/03
  15. Do 6 tutorials for a series on Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified - Done 02/04
  16. Participate in the Modern Mini Challenge - Done 06/03
  17. Make 2 phone pouches and an iPod pouch - Done 22/04
  18. Make a design notebook for myself using the bud design from Rachel's curves class - Done 22/03
  19. Make a wee bear (Wee Jock) for my dad to take to India - Done 29/03
  20. Make a clutch and write up the pattern/tutorial for Rhonda's FAL Quarter 1 roundup - Done
  21. Make 2 24" blocks for Stitch Tease - Done 06/04
  22. Make 4 Zakka Style Totes for the Fat Quarterly Retreat Sample Swap using up my block 2 from FPPFTT - Done 11/04
  23. Make a cushion from block 5 from FPPFTT - Done 12/04
  24. Write a tutorial for a NYB block for the NYB QAL - Done 14/04
  25. Pattern test for Joanna - Done 20/04
Not too bad after all then ;o)


  1. Show off! ;-P

    You did absolutely fantastic and I am really impressed. Love those teddies in with the quilting stuff.

  2. Um, how many lists did you make?

  3. I thought I was a list maker but.......

  4. Lots done, you should be proud! Love those quilt blocks. And the teddies are super cute :-) Thanks for linking up!

  5. You completed ALL THE THINGS! (It's a reddit joke if you are puzzled) ;) Nice job on your list(s). Now get back to finishing those last thing up! lol

  6. Our project is going to be Legen--- wait for it --- DARY!

  7. I lost concentration with all your `DONE`s...congrats Katy1

  8. Good god woman, not bad?? Not BAD?? There werent much you DIDNT do... WELL DONE!!!

  9. Crikey, your extras list was longer than your original to-do list. Are you just a girl who can't say no! ??

    Just think what you could have done if you had really put your mind to it :0

  10. You always amaze me with your output. I think you mustn't sleep.

  11. Um, agreeing with the very first commenter. Do you never sleep??

  12. Of course I am biased. The teddy bears are the best. Well done I love it all.

  13. Lovely projects Katy - I really love your paper pieced blocks!

  14. Wow, this is just amazing! I've not been nearly so productive...

  15. Crazy sewer, super crazy....does your sewing machine ever shut off? :-)

  16. I have a sneaky suspicion that you may actually be an alien and never sleep! No seriously - HOW DO YOU DO IT?????

  17. Sorry just picking my jaw off the floor, FANTASTIC amount of gorgeous work! Love it!

  18. I'm not at all surprised!! You get more things done in a month than most of us get done in a year and then you find the time to put together a fantastic post like this?? Now, that's really impressive!! What's more, you do flawless work and have excellent taste. Yep, you're pretty darn amazing! ;o}

  19. WOW! Incredible! I was thinking, haven't you done well about the original list but all those other things too?!! I want to call you a sewing machine but that's just not quite right!! haha x

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  21. Gorsh, that's a long list! I'm tired, now. :D

  22. ok, I have one thing to say...show off. I am afraid to do my recap. I don't think I reached my goal.

  23. ok, I have one thing to say...show off. I am afraid to do my recap. I don't think I reached my goal.

  24. Flippin' 'eck, you did well!! Wow, I can't believe how much you've achieved in a few months...and it's all blooming fabulous!!! My favourite is still Wee Jock though!

  25. Busy little bee aren't you. As a recipient of several of the completed items, I can say that not only are you busy, you're also talented and a fine craftswoman.

    Wee Jock had a whale of a time in India, and he and Lily are now getting over the jet lag.

    Lot's of love,


  26. Fabulous job on your list. I just love that little orange and purple bear.


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