It's that time of the week again, where we take stock of all the things we have achieved, were meant to achieve, and, well, lost the will to achieve ;o)  It was, among other things, the week where I actually had to finish my block/strip for Stitch Tease, my 2nd bee block for March and the wee bear I'd been working on, plus finish writing up writing a tute, so not much then...

Finishes This Week

Wee Jock, who now has his own blog.  He's all packed to head to India tomorrow.

Piece Bee With You cat block for March:

Stitch Tease blocks (I'll post more about them on Friday)

In Progress This Week:

Name badge for FQ Retreat - I've got the front totally done, now to quilt/bind/hang it (sorry, can't share the dead giveaway pics)

Hexie madness - remember that lone, solitary hexie that everyone laughed at last week?  Well he rounded up some friends to laugh right back ;o)

To Be Worked On This Week:

My NYB block for my tutorial

That ******** cushion (I hardly dare say it!)

An idea for sample swap at the FQ retreat

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  1. You should have computergraphically drawn little laughing faces on your hexies! I'm imagining it for you. :D

  2. great blocks and the hexies are beautiful colours :-)

  3. Wee Jock,

    Don't stand like that, the blood will rush to your wee head and make you dizzy. (o:

    Hugs ♥

  4. Great busy, surprised you had time with all the gloating!

  5. Love your bright hexies and that kitty block is so cute!

  6. progress is always good...

  7. Glad you had a busy time - mine has been busy too (eating out takes a good deal of my time! Sitting in the sun is exhausting too!) I've fallen in love with Wee Jock - off to read his blog. xx

  8. Like Annabelle I've fallen in love with wee Jock!

    I cannot see the hexies laughing - thought you could at least make a big happy mouth with them Katy! Come on!

  9. I love Jock, his blog is great!! Have fun with those hexagons!

  10. Love those hexies, great colors! And Jock is so cute. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  11. Zaki is rather taken by Jock and the icon for LittlestThistle on FB...Jock looks great fun and a Glaswegian I`m betting. You know I love your ST blocks and the name badge? Well I can see it for myself in June so no worries there then.

  12. Love your stitch tease block! And the colours of your hexies too.

  13. ooo, so curious on the automobile print... what are you going to work with this???


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