Whew, well after gadding about the country for the weekend, partying hard with some of my fellow Brit Bees, plus a few guests, I came home early, arriving on Monday night instead of Tuesday afternoon so that I could have a whole day sewing!  Unfortunately, having done a whole ton of stuff, I've realised I can't show you one single thing *sigh*

Finishes This Week:

Stitch Tease strip for Danny (reveal will happen next Easter)

In Progress This Week:

Piece Bee With You block for Lotti - actually I could show you the constituent parts of this if I'd actually remembered to take a photo - argh!  Oh well, you'll have to make do with the pin that inspired it:

Stitch Tease Secret Santa - I've pulled the fabrics for this, and I know what I'm making, I just need to draw the template out, but our mean mama says we can't give sneak peeks (doesn't she know I have no photos this week?! ;o) )

Another Secret Santa project - I'm sure you're getting the gist of this secret thing by now!

To Be Worked On This Week:

Finish the PBWY block
Finish the Stitch Tease and Brit Bee SS swap items
Keep working on SS project #3

I'm not even bothering to linky this week as I have no photos!

Have a good week all :o)


  1. Are we really not allowed to give sneaky peeks of the Stitch Tease secret Santa....ooops...I already did! Do you think I'll get detention?!!

  2. Sneaky peeks are fine. You have a lot to do

  3. I have really missed your busy updates.
    Glad to hear you have had some fun and I love that inspiration pin.

  4. It all sounds good to me. That little Christmas truck is SOO cute, can't wait to see your version.

  5. well you certainly *sound* busy... shall trust you and take your word for it... :-P

  6. Love love love that Christmas pick up truck. Gorgeous!!!

  7. Snap with Danny's block! You have to let me get Dianne's done - you can't overtake me. That pickup truck is amazing - I want to see yours!!

  8. So you are asking us to believe that you were sewing away and not recovering from the party, without any photographic evidence? Hmmnn ...

  9. Yeah ...I cant believe you actually did any sewing either. All that trampoline bouncing and fabric buying at Susan's must have exhausted you!

  10. Are you sure you actually did any sewing?! Archie believes you but I'm not so sure...

  11. It's frustrating not having anything to show. Hasn't anyone ever told you that keeping secrets isn't nice? Or was it, telling lies isn't nice? Never can keep it straight.


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