Hmm, so, do you remember how I said that as of yesterday I'd done no sewing?  That situation hasn't really improved overnight!  I have all my templates sorted out for Susan's block, but it turned out there were some issues when I printed them, with bits falling off the edge of the page, and the seam allowances being included but not actually marked so I had to work out where to start and end sewing, oh, and this was on 40 template pieces o.O  I do set myself the most ridiculous tasks *sigh*.  Still, I think I have plans worked out for my other blocks, just have to pull fabric for some of them...  I also have some parcels to send out of gifts that have come back with me from the US - alas, they're all awkward sizes, so I've not felt up to tackling them yet, my packaging skills not exactly being the greatest!

In the meantime, it's my gran's birthday this weekend, so my mum and dad will be up for a visit, and we'll be out for dinner on Saturday night to celebrate, so that leaves me Sunday to sew properly...

Finishes This Week: 

Zip, zilch, nada... 

In Progress This Week: 

Susan's block (well here's the fabric, the template pieces are buried underneath) 

To Be Worked On This Week: 

Susan's block (to be hand delivered on the 24th) 
Danny's strip 
Secret santa gift for Strip Tease 

I hope you've had a more productive week than me!  Linking up, as ever, to:

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  1. I'm sorry things aren't going quite to plan. But in a way it makes me feel better about my lack of productivity!

  2. I have faith in you Katy. You're going to be back on track any moment now...I'm waiting right here until you are so get with it already!

  3. Forty pieces for susans block?! Over-achiever ;-)

  4. Happy birthday to your granny! Love your pull for Susan's blocks.

  5. You should really pick something special for Susan don't you think, only 40 pieces, come on.

  6. Ditto Leanne! :D. Yep been very busy, honestly, just not blogged about it! Promise!

  7. Bummer about the templates... feeling you pain with my 4x blocks. Nobody told me quilting required the use of math and logic! ;)

    Merry birthday wishes to your gran!

  8. Oops. Not good templates then. Hope that improves. Love the the fabric you picked though, so hope those templates sort themselves out as I'm looking forward to seeing the block :)

  9. Oh dear, good luck with the templates. The fabrics are fab

  10. Happy Birthday to your Nan!

    Good luck with that Sunday sewing. I make a list of things I want to achieve every week and then pretty much ignore it.

  11. I bet your Sunday sewing will get you back on track! It is so hard to get inspired after a prolonged break.

    The bee block fabrics are so pretty!

  12. It seems you have had a lot of distractions and interruptions to sewing but I am glad you are well and Sunday should be a great day. Well, Saturday too for your Gran's b'day

  13. Forty pieces????? Yikes.
    Love the fabrics for Susan's block.


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