Happy new year everybody :o)  Hope no-one's feeling the apres-hogmanay effects too badly ;o)

Anyway, another new year, and being the 1st of the month it's a Fresh Sewing Day too.  I've been a little bit lax with these in the past few months, however now seemed a good a time as any to catch up!

It's been a busy little year (well let's face it, it's never exactly quiet and peaceful round here ;o) ) but certainly an interesting one!  Highlights, in no particular order, were:

  • Running my first QAL
  • Taking part in a number of blog hops and QALs
  • Pattern testing for a couple of lovely ladies
  • Finishing my first 2 bees and joining 2 more
  • Taking part in several swaps
  • Getting a pattern in Fat Quarterly
  • Learning how to FMQ a bit
  • Learning how to pattern draft clothing patterns
  • Learning how to screen print
  • Meeting loads of Europe based bloggy friends (and a few internationals) at FQR
  • Meeting loads of North American based bloggy friends (and a few internationals) at SS
  • Doing the grand road trip with Laura round tons of US National Parks

And to go with all that, here's my finishes for the last year (I think it might have taken me longer to pull the mosaics together than it might have to finish off some things on my WIP list *ahem*)

Bee blocks from Sew Bee Joyful, Piece Bee With You, Stitch Tease and Brit Bee, plus the Japanese x & + swap blocks:

A year of bee and swap blocks

A few swaps - For The Love Of Solids, Sample Swap at FQR, In The Frame Purse Swap, Hand Printed Fabric Swap, Sailor Mouth Swap:

2012 Swaps

Some pattern testing for Joanna at Shape Moth and Sara at Sew Sweetness:

2012 Pattern Testing

Some sew alongs, blog hops and tutorials - Sew Happy Quilt QAL, Stained QAL, Retro Flowers QAL, Tula Pink QAL, FAL tutorial, Inset Circle Challenge tutes, Modern Mini, Intrepid Thread tutorial, Travelling Handmade for SS, Practical Paper Piecing hop, Purse Palooza, Sew-Less Summer, Merrily We Sew Along, Craft Book Review, Zakka Sew Along:

Sew Alongs, Blog Hops & Tutorials 2012

Foundation Paper Piecing For The Terrified sew along that I ran:

FPPFTT Series Blocks

Presents for my family, plus a blog giveaway/secret santa gift:

Pressies Over 2012

Some bears - Wee Jock and TBB II:

Bears 2012

Some screen printing adventures:

Screen Printing Adventures 2012

Other random bits and pieces, reusable tote bag, phone and iPod pouches for me, notebook cover for me, 2 quilts for Siblings Together (that Ella pieced and I backed/basted/quilted/bound), Umbrella Prints Trimmings Comp entries, ruler tote for me, class items from FQR, travel pouch for my PoGo, Secret Santa stocking for Zaki, 2 Meghan dresses and a Meghan tunic, 2 infinity scarves and a travel scarf:

Random Things From 2012

And I've realised there's still a couple of things I've missed o.O  Oh well!  It also doesn't include my WIPs.  Oh those WIPs.  When I was cleaning I eventually found 29 of them.  29.  ARGH!  Oh well, watch for that post of shame in the next day or two, but I've got a couple of SALs to help me through them ;o)

Hope you all have a fabulously productive new year :o)


  1. So... 2012 was a quiet year! LOL I feel worn out (and in awe) just looking at what you've achieved. I've said it before and I'll say it again...I wish I had your energy!

    Sue (struggling to get off the sofa!)

  2. Blimey woman, what a feast for the eyes!! That is an amazing year, when do you sleep?
    I adore that iron mini, I think it was one of the best things I saw on Flickr last year!
    Can't wait to see what you produce in 2013!

  3. Wow! Stunned into silence. Didn't you sleep woman? How did you manage to make all that lot?

  4. 29? I'm too scared to count, I think I may have that many tops alone! A fabulous year, here's to an even more productive and successful one!

  5. I've got to go to bed. Just reading that exhausted me! Well done you.

  6. Ah Katy, one woman with the output of ten...lol well done you.

  7. What a year! With all that energy you should be able to tackle those WIPs in no time. Here's to 2013!

  8. I know your secret. You don't actually sleep do you!!!! So many fab makes xx

  9. well done you for all you makes i dont know where you find the energy !!!

    happy new year,and a wonderful 2013

  10. 29??? Blimey - that's worse than me! Happy New Year!

  11. Wow, so much fun looking at all of the art you created in 2012! Looking forward to your creations in 2013. Happy New Year, Katy! xxxx

  12. I am seriously impressed!

    And have to just say another huge thank you for the paper piecing for the terrified. You unlocked a door for me - and behind it was Narnia. I love paper piecing now.

  13. You forgot to mention that you have a job too - how the heck do you find the time?! Great year Katy, look forward to seeing more in 2013

  14. so many wonderful projects! Just beautiful. Here's to a wonderful productive 2013

  15. Wow! That's a busy year. Great list of things you've achieved. You really know how to fit a lot into a year.

  16. That's been one heck of a creative year! Well done, and best of luck getting those wips finished in 2013! jxo

  17. you busy bee! Are you trying to make me feel inadequate? no, I can do that all by myself!
    Lovely makes and what a lot to do this year, to beat it! Now, theres your challenge!

  18. What fantastic projects! You're very brave to count your wips! Happy New year!

  19. yes but darling....did you find time to do anything you like to do?????
    Goodness but you are the busy bee. And a happy one, judging by the amount of beauty that you create. Oma Linda

  20. Such a lot of fab makes! The chameleon is the stand-out piece for me - such fun! Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings lots more stitchy fun x

  21. Wonderfully full year you've had. Hope that 2013 brings lots of amazing adventures and projects. You are so organized I loved taking a look at all the accomplishments.

  22. What a year you've had Katy. Loads of wonderful makes - don't know how you fit it all in! Look forward to following you through 2013. x

  23. Whoa! And you took time to travel.. I'm jealous - I may need to compare notes with you, boyfriend and I are moving back to the east coast next summer (I think) and we want to road trip it from California so I want to pick your brain on your favorite places... And quilt shops! Haha

  24. Yep that proves it - you don't sleep. Awesome year Katy! So glad I've met you, hope we can meet IRL one day :o)

  25. wow! I had to scroll forever to see all your lovely mosaics of your creations for the year. You had a great year. Here's to an even better 2013.

  26. Well come be in the Finish-a-long for some of those UFOs. I have never counted every single one I have here, too scared to do it. I love all your projects, and the one for me should be here any day. You are an amazingly fast crafter, that is all I can say. Maybe there is a record book?

  27. I need a lie down after reading through all that. Wow you really produced lots of amazing things this year.
    Are you serious? 29? That makes me feel so much better.

  28. I know what you mean about pulling the pics together!!! Dread to think how long it would take me so not even going to try. Well done you!

  29. You have had such a productive year! Well done, I'll just go curl up in a ball and think of my 6 things I finished! In my defence I've worked n lots more than that but not finished them, and worked 4 days a week for the second half of the year with 3 small kids. I like a girl with lots of UFOs! Makes me feel normal :)

  30. Did you just post all your finished projects to make us feel back about all the stuff that we never got done? :)
    Seriously though - you rocked it this year!

  31. I want to know when you found time to go to work ?

    Lots of lovely eye candy there...Im equally loving you for your brilliance and feeling envious of your brilliance all at once !

  32. You've had such a wonderful and succesful year Katy and I do hope I get to meet you in Marrakech!

  33. You weren't busy at all :)

    Can't wait to see what you have in store for our viewing pleasure in 2013!

  34. Gads, that's a LOT! I, and my unproductiveness, are going to go crawl in a hole now.... Ok, maybe not. I'll just hole myself up in my sewing room till I can compete....ok, that won't work either...I'll keep thinking...

  35. Just when I was thinking that you'd made loads of wonderful things and seemed to have finished most of them you sneak in the fact that you've got 29 WIPs. TWENTY NINE!! How the hell did you manage that?!! Bet they're all fabulous though...

  36. It's tremendous to see all of your projects from the year together in one place. You certainly had a beautiful and creative 2012. Happy New Year Katy!

  37. Is that all??

    :-)(. And I'm sure you told me 29 UFOs, do you never sleep?

  38. Ok, that's an impressive year. Overachiever much? :)

  39. Omg I love that gecko/Chameleon please please tell me where to find it. I'm just strarting my love affair with pp x

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