Another week of rather batty observations:

1.  Children seem to like playing in the rain and shrieking their little heads off almost as much as they enjoy doing it in the sunshine…  They’re back at school next week though – bliss!

2. If the work canteen is making something that is bound to be particularly bad for you, that is the day that the aircon system will specifically pick up the aroma to waft around the office.

3. After a glorious summer when you were insanely busy, the weekend where you think you might escape on a small camping trip will be the one where it’s forecast to rain not only over the weekend, but for the entire week leading up to it, meaning that you will find yourself sleeping in a swamp if you are foolish enough to go.  I’m not.

4. If you are in the UK and have paid PPI on something but figured it wasn’t worth the hassle to try and get a couple of hundred quid back, contact your lender, you may end up with rather more than you assumed (which I only found out after one lender contacted me to say I may be owed something!)

5. And finally a traffic one – apparently Monday was a holiday somewhere, the roads were deserted!  Or maybe the city has developed an allergy to Mondays…  (I'm hoping allergy, you know, one that might be spreading)

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  1. Monday was a public holiday here and.....was it Paisley? Somewhere else anyway coz my spouse was off, too. I'll have another this Monday if you could arrange it, pleasethankyou.

  2. I forgot it was holidays over there. Kids don't have the same internal thermostats as adults so thats why they can wander round in barely any clothes when you and I are rugged up looking like snowmen(and now who's being random!)

    I hate Mondays - traffic or not !

  3. Now what will you be spending that cash windfall on ??

  4. I can't wait for school to start here! Maybe then there won't be children outside screaming until 10 pm at night! Ugh!
    BTW, you make me love Thursdays :)

  5. Replies
    1. still can't get used to the littlies gong back to school up here only a week or so after the lot down soith have only just broken up. It's all very odd. Loving snoopy

  6. So, resist the bad food, consider going out to shriek with the children, one can book a hotel near to many campsites and still have a weekend away and it was a holiday Monday last Monday across most of Canada.

  7. Did you get enough back to buy some cool fabric?


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