It's time to highlight yet another sponsor of Q1 of the Finish Along, Green Fairy Quilts:

Green Fairy Quilts specialises in Moda pre-cuts at the lowest prices around.  I feel I really ought to be singing the following list to the tune of A Modern Major General (look it up if you're not familiar with this Gilbert & Sullivan classic, then sing along too ;o) ):

They stock:
  • Jelly rolls
  • Junior rolls
  • Layer cakes
  • Junior cakes
  • Fat Quarter Bundles (it scans better in the song if you go for FQ ;o)) 
  • Fat Eighth Bundles
  • One Yard Bundles
  • Honeycombs
  • Charm Packs
  • Mini Charms
  • Honey Buns
  • Dessert Rolls
  • Turnovers/Slices
  • Quilt Kits
  • Yardage
There's a whole bunch more besides, but that's all the Moda offerings that fit nicely in the song.  And no, I'm not at all sorry if any of you are a) singing the original or b) now trying to fit that list into the song...

I have to admit I didn't even know some of these cuts existed, but I did get happily lost exploring some of them:

FQ bundle of Mochi Dots.  I need these
I have a thing for arrows
So handy for sashing!
I love the note fabric in this line
For the perfect retro flower garden
I have a soft sport for American Jane
Bring a little spring into your life
One day I'll make a circle quilt...

As an added bonus, there's free US shipping too, and handily, on their shipping page they have a guide as to what they can fit into a flat rate envelope.


  1. Thanks....even though I work in a quilt shop we don't have everything so it's nice learning about new places in the US and the fact that they give that info about shipping...good for them!:)

    And thanks for the earworm!!!:P

  2. I may just have to pop on over for a wee look ....some very interesting bits and bobs in your post ...Im crushing on that serenade fabric...

  3. Trying not to look as much as I want to!!!

  4. I love the dots both large and small and yes I will be singing Gilbert and Sullivan all night now

  5. I'll take one of everything above...oh hang on I'm on a fabric diet so I can't ;-/

  6. More temptation, this is not doing my wallet any good at all!


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