Last year a friend of mine told me I just had to start selling my flash accessories. So I thought about it, and I considered that maybe I should add a few more things into the mix, as I doubted I’d be making fame and fortune from just the flash accessories, after all there are only so many eejits willing to walk around with things sticking out the front of their camera flash guns. There’s only so many eejits with flash guns come to that. Anyway, I contemplated what else I could add to my shop, and decided that after my mum had informed me on many occasions that the jewellery that I had made for her was much admired, that I would put up some jewellery too. I thought a bit more and decided that I would finally pull my finger out and get on with designing my own line of teddy bears, having made up bears from other people’s patterns for years.

My initial priority was the flash accessories, however the Alliance and Leicester Business Banking team conspired against that, as to buy some of the stock to make the accessories I required a business account, and it took them over a month to set mine up for me, and then the stockist was out of stock of what I needed.

My second priority was the jewellery, and I then turned to that, sorting out all my beads and findings into little sealed bags. I went out and got some MDF so that I could display all these wee bags next to my desk, I had carried it into the house and propped it against the wall ready for me to get into action hammering in the nails to hold all of these things the following day. And then I sat down for the evening and got chatting to another friend online about my new enterprise…

So I have spent the last couple of months drifting around my flat gently dispersing mohair and faux fur fluff as I go, stepping on tiny plastic stuffing pellets (which have obviously taken lessons from Lego on how to get into the really painful places of the human foot), and finding bouncifill stuffing balls hiding out on all manner of material based furniture.

I’ve joined a forum to discuss with other teddy bear artists the ins and outs of the business, and drool over what they’ve come up with, and I’ve made 9 bears, 4 of which have gone to my friend for Christmas presents for her family, 4 went for Christmas presents for my family, and the other is, miraculously, ready for sale!

I have 4 more bears that are currently ‘in progress’ and will hopefully be found for sale before the end of the month, and another couple of ideas to design. Now if only I could persuade my boss that sewing bears is actually a far better way for me to earn a living for us than testing software…

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