I thought I would introduce you to some of the bears that have gone to join their own hugs elsewhere over the festive season.

Firstly meet Spike. 14″ tall Spike was my very first design, and is the eldest child of the Thistle family. Spike is very reliable and dependable, and can often be found playing sports and games, including sledging in the recent snowfall here. His fleece hat keeps his ears warm when he’s outside in the cold, and his dungarees are terribly useful for keeping his fur clean, and storing bits and pieces in the front pocket.

Here he is sledging on the 27th December:

Here he is giving everyone a wave. He’s a very friendly bear:

Now the next little bear is a member of the Hyacinth family, so please meet Bluebell. Bluebell is 4″ tall when standing, and is a very inquisitive little bear, although his little jingle bells often warn people he’s coming. He loves to sit and watch the world go by, both people watching and bear watching. Sometimes, if he’s very lucky, Spike lets him hitch a lift in his dungarees pocket.

Sitting to watch the world go by:

Standing up to greet us and see if we want to take him out:

The last bear is Mahogany, a member of the Treefolk family. He usually goes by his middle name of Bailey these days, as his mum thinks he reminds her a lot of that little tipple. Mahogany is 13″ tall, and is a very round, cuddly bear. His favourite occupation is being cuddled, and he will greet all visitors to the house with a good, big hug. He has quite an active social life thse days, touring the senior citizens establishments of the East End of Glasgow, gathering more hugs as he goes.

‘Come on, pick me up and hug me,’ he implores:

Hope you enjoyed meeting the bears. More will be featuring soon that will be available for adoption.