Home again from Hugglets! It was so nice to meet all the people from Teddy Talk that were there, and all the people at stalls I’d not come across before. I came back with lots of supplies to make additions to the various Littlest Thistle families, as well as three new friends, Beatrix, from All Bear, who has currently taken over my sewing beanbag (we shall have to renegotiate that later on in the week when I come to do some sewing lol), Poldi from Domi Bar, and Kegel from Kreft Bar.

Spike had a wonderful time touring the fair too in my dad’s rucksack, and dad had a lot of problems getting his head back through the door of the house when they got home because he’d had so many compliments and photos taken!

Now I’m off to plot what to do first while I wait for Lulu’s fur to arrive from Beary Cheap in Oz…

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