I decided that I wanted to try out a number of new techniques, and that they would all be inflicted simultaneously upon one poor bear!

First up was rounder cheeks. Now this didn’t quite go as planned, I think I had the dart too far back, but I did like the effect I got!

Next up was armature in the arms. I was using Joanne, from Desertmountainbear’s idea for using perm rollers, but I think I needed larger guage wire for a bear of his size, however they bent a bit, and I learned for next time.

Next was a different way of pulling toes, which did work pretty well, although I think the paw pad material wasn’t ideal, and I got a couple of wrinkles, so I’ll have to work on that.

Finally I had a go at some airbrushing on his ears, and hand shading on his nose and round his eyes. I was happy with that, although I’d like to learn a bit about masking I think

Anyway, without further ado, here’s Teddy, who is now living with a friend who hasn’t been very well: