Today I’ve basted the pieces before machine sewing them, as modelled by Mr Potatohead below. I’ve used red thread so that once I’ve done the machine sewing I can unpick this and see the stitches easily.

Next it’s onto the sewing machine. I’ve got the stitch length set to 1.8 mm. It’s a bit fiddly doing the wee ears, but do it slowly in short stages to get the curve right. Also sew away in both directions from where the opening is in the back of the leg where the stuffing will go, because otherwise you can end up with uneven amounts of material when tryign to close the seam later. Also if there are darts in the head and body, sew up to them, don’t flatten them along the seam, then using the tails of thread on either side, handstitch them shut

Now it’s time to unpick all the basting and turn the pieces the right way round, except for the legs, which will need their pawpads handstitched in, photos of which will follow tomorrow.