After a challenge by Joanne at Desert Mountain Bears, and Cheryl and Bingle Bears, I figured I’d better do a bit of tidying and take some photos of my workspace, aka my living room!

First up is the sewing machine, which is relatively new, and which I love, which is more than I can say for the old one it was replacing. On the other hand I inherited hte old one from my gran and as she pointed out, upon it’s retirement, it was 26 years old, and was bottom of the range when it was bought lol

Next up is my lightbox. I got this years ago for scrapbooking/cardmaking and then hardly used it, but now I use it all the time to tranfer patterns from paper to template plastic, it’s utterly invaluable! Below that is my basket of props for photos of the bears

Next up is my beanbag, where I sit to sew, and behind that is my table of sewing stuff and tools. The beanbag is currently being modelled by Beatrix, an All Bear, as we’re sharing it! She uses it when I’m not sitting there, and when I’m there she deigns to sit up on the sofa.

Turning round again we can see the piles of fur sitting on the floor waiting to have their patterns transferred on, as you can see, I have a bit of a backlog!

And then turning one last time you can see my computer and my stash of mohair and joints/eys etc in the drawer units next to it. My patterns are in files between the computer desk and the drawers with fur in. I have more material stashed under the sofar for accessories etc

Hope you enjoyed your tour!