On Tuesday night I was heading out to go climbing when I slipped and fell down the stairs from my hall to my front door (yes, the irony of my final destination was not lost on me here!) I landed pretty hard on the botom step (they’re concrete under the thin layer of carpet) and hit both elbows on the edge of the step, among other things. With my hypermobility, I left it 24 hours to see what was just a bruise and what might be more than that, and Wednesday night found me in A&E. I emerged with a splint, sling and parecetemol, and a diagnosis of soft tissue damage to my right outer wrist and hand, and a hairline fracture to my right collar bone :o( I also have a huge bruise on my lower back, but nothing serious wrong with it thankfully (and it was quite well padded!)

I’ve managed a few tacking stitches so far, but unfortunately I think it’ll be a while before another bear toddles out of here :o( I’m just going to have to see what I can dream up whilst I’m incapacitated!