Slowly, sometimes excruciatingly painfully, but surely, I am managing to assemble a bear, fractured collarbone, wrist injuries and all. He’s a big boy, and I thought for a bit of fun I’d work some colour into his nose. Except once I’d done it I didn’t like it, so I’ve had to unpick it all again *sigh* Not sure I can face trying again with just plain brown tonight, maybe I’ll leave it until tomorrow!

Anyway, I’m looking for a particular item to complete this bear’s ensemble, which has involved trawling some children’s departments in sports shops (all will become clear when I unveil the finished article). It’s been a little bit awkward when trying to find things though… “So what age is the baby this is going to fit?” says the shop assistant. “Er, well, it’s actually for a teddy bear, who’s kind of baby sized.” Cue the weird look.

My colleagues also regularly give me weird looks (I work with a lot of men in IT) although some have positively embraced helping me find weird and wonderful accessories. I can’t wait to complete one, that a particularly enthusiastic colleague found the perfect accessories for, I just always have to hope that what I see in my mind is going to translate to the fur…

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