So why is it that when you’re on a real roll you suddenly start discovering unanticipated obstacles?

I currently have 5 bears on the go. Two I have everything for, but the other 3, I had the mohair and the pawpads all picked out, traced and cut out the mohair, and then discovered that not one of my pieces of ultrasuede was big enough – argh! So that went on the shopping list.

I thought, in the meantime, that I could at least get the machine sewing done for the heads, legs and bodies. Great idea, but I have no spare bobbins, and the local fabric shop didn’t have the right size – grrr! So now I’ve ordered 100 from a shop on E-bay, alas they’re in the US so they’ll take a few days yet to arrive (still, I don’t think I’ll be running out again any time soon!)

On the plus side, 30 sheets of template plastic arrived on Tuesday morning, so I’m all set to go with doing all the patterns for the Thistles who will be getting made from my fur pile in the previous post, as well as for my BIG bear, Maple, that I’m so excited to be making, but who will take up a LOT of sheets!

So my plan for the weekend is to finish the sewing on the 2 bears in progress that I have all the bits on, finish tacking the 3 that are paw-less, and then a good drawing, tracing and cutting session for the Thistles and Maple.