I’m sitting here pondering right now if I’m the only person that takes ‘bear shells’ on holiday with her. As part of my drive to get lots of bears ready in time for The Great Yorkshire Teddy Bear Event in November, I’m sort of ‘batch’ making bears at the moment. I have 4 Woods that I’ve now done all the machine sewing on, and I’m taking these ‘shells’ with me on holiday to France this week to finish the head gusset and paw pads, then stuff and joint them. Is anyone else mad enough to do this, or is it just me that works in this bizarre way? Answers on a postcard please… ;o)

Hopefully I’ll be able to show you them all when I get back, plus another commission that had to stay deep under cover until today…

Hmm, wonder if the flatmate will take up the pattern transferring on the 11 bears in progress back here while I’m gone lol

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