Had a lovely time in Provence, nearly finished one bear (I’d have got all of him done, but my socket set was just too short to tighten his arm bolts completely!), and I got the other 3 completely sewn, with one very large head totally stuffed.

I’m afraid I didn’t get time to take photos of the completed one (finished last night) before he had to hop in a box and hot foot it to Perth, W.A. for the W.A. Teddy Bear Challenge. Can I just say that my Murphy looks nothing like Kim’s, he came out very prim with the mohair I chose, but he is at least a funky pair of colours :o) Anyway, he toddled off at lunchtime today, so I hope he makes it for the 17th!

Here’s a photo of my other commission that had been under wraps. Meet Strawbeary, who was my mum’s birthday pressie (and as she reads my blog, had to be hidden until the day!)

I did some wonderful shopping for bear clothing and accessories in the markets in Bedoin and Carpentras, plus picking up a few things in L’Eclerc, I’ll have to take photos of them when I get them all back from mum and dad in a fortnight (they’re still away for another 9 days, lucky so and sos!)