I have 2 forlorn little bear heads looking at me, begging to be completed. I have a pile of bears parts for one little pink bear waiting with their feet tapping, impatient for me to trim the seam allowances to start tacking. I have 12 piles of mohair with patterns on their backs, positively standing hands on hips wanting me to cut them out and get them further down their beary life path. I then have 5 pieces of mohair looking most accusingly at me wanting me to design their patterns.

I also have a 3 page ‘To Do’ list for cleaning and rearranging the living room/bear making area that really needs to be done right now. Sorry bears, but once it’s done life will be much easier for us all.

Off to sort some mohair and faux fur into appropriate storage locations, 1 thing down, about 70 to go…

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