It’s funny how, as bear makers, we do all sorts of things in the making of our bears that we don’t bat an eyelid at – plunging huge needles through their heads for noses and eyes, sticking awls through their fur and then shoving cotter pins and bolts through, pulling thread on paws to create toes, and shoving stuffing into deep, dark, unmentionable places with a sharp stick! And then someone else catches you at it and looks at you as if you’re mad, or, like my dad did last week when I was on holiday and stuffing and adding a nose to a head, make snuffly and ‘owie’ noises!

Anyway, after finishing work on a head for the night last night, I popped it down on the sofa next to where I work on my beanbag, and was finishing my cranberry juice while watching the last of my TV program, when I glanced over and saw a sight that I realised would be trully bizarre to the non-bearmaker:

Poor old Birch is currently having his nose applied, and I like to keep the fur out of the thread – good old magic tape to the rescue :o)

I also had this little sweetie to look at last night. This is Smudge, who came all the way to me from Kynthia in Singapore as part of a summer bear swap – isn’t she lovely?

And the last thing, great news, all the tickets for Tiffany’s raffle below have been sold :o)