Tupelo is all done (finally, he says!). I still have to get his hat and ruff made, and then he’ll be clowning around for the camera, hopefully this weekend. I’ll also get Oakley’s official shots done too, including his hat, which was missing in the preview pic below :o)

I’ve now got the next 4 cut out and ready to go, 2 Woods, Willow and Maple, and 2 Thistles, M&M and Oor Thistle (for non Scots, you’ll get a hint by googling ‘Oor Wullie’ ;o) )

So many plans for other bears that I haven’t even drawn the patterns out for yet – argh! Darn day jobs getting in the way of the creation process! There’s one that will get to jump the queue for the Practical Magic Blog party though, and she’s very happy about that…

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