‘It’s the way you love me, it’s a feeling like this…’

This song from the film of Practical Magic was running through my head as I captured the following magical exchanges between Amabilis and the rest of the Thistle Patch Clan.

First up to meet their new friend was Lulu. The other bears had drawn straws, and then just decided that the youngest should go first anyway because they were all bigger and they could just make her do whatever they liked! Lulu went in rather cautiously, unsure of what spells this new little withc might be casting.

‘Hmm,’ said Amabilis, surverying Lulu’s rather nervous disposition, ‘I think what you really need is a good bath bomb to relax you. Try this Butterball bomb in your bath tonight and all your worries will be gone.’

Lulu scampered off quite happily, clutching her bath bomb, and eagerly trying to make her way to the bathroom, desperate to try it out!

Lilac was the next to make her way in to meet Amabilis.

‘Ahh,’ Amabilis smiled, ‘I know just what a bear with such a literary mind like yours needs, Paradise Regained cream. The perfect follow up to Paradise Lost, this cream will keep your paws nice and moist so they don’t get dried out clutching all those books.’

Lilac chuckled slightly at the name of the cream, but agreed that it would be very useful, and wandered off with the pot tucked under her arm.

Then came Maisey, dreamily gazing up at Amabilis waiting to see what she would come up with.

‘Oh,’ Amabilis looked thoughtful, ‘I can sense that you are a young lady that lies around an awful lot, listening to music and doing arts and crafts. I think you need to try some of these smelling salts, which will fill you with the aroma of flowers and the sea, even in the depths of winter, and will keep your outlook nice and sunny.’

Maisey took a deep sniff from the bag and decided that yes, these would be perfect, so she tucked them into her bag and went off to plug into her ipod.

Now that the girls had all had their turn, it was down to the boys. M&M, Beech, Birch, Tupelo and Oakley were all very worried. There had been much talk of baths, and lotions, and like all boys, these were really not things they enjoyed. There was much pushing and shoving as they each tried to get to the back of the line, and in the end it was Oakley that ended up at the head of the queue.

‘Finally,’ Amabilis laughed, ‘I was wondering when the boys would get here. Now Oakley, I don’t want any of you to worry. I’m not here to cast banishing spells, or force you to bathe, in fact, what I’m going to give to all of you boys, is this little love token. From now on, you will all have much love, and I forsee many new families for you all to embrace.’

Oakley sighed with great relief and took the little heart charm, then went back to share it with the rest of the boys. After much deep discussion between them and the girls, to which I was not privvy, Oakley popped his head back into the light tent and grabbed Amabilis so that they could all go out and play. Then they scampered off and I haven’t seen them since!

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