I’m so sorry I’m and hour and a half into Sunday, but I wasn’t planning on having to spend 70 hours in the office this week, including 12 hours today! Anyway, that aside, I have finally finished the presenter for my little party.

Please meet Amabilis. She has styled herself after Sally, from the film, and is just a wizard at creating different potions and lotions, excelling in bath products. She was quite keen on investigating the margarita blender, however we had a long conversation where I explained that little bears were really silly enough and giddy enough without introducing alcohol into the mix, not to mention that the salt would get all over her fur!

Tomorrow she’ll be hosting a party with the rest of the bears, I hope you can come back and take a peek at what they’re up to. She has mentioned casting spells and searching around for brooms. The boys are worried…

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