I’m trying to be as efficient as possibly right now to get all these bears ready for the show in Sheffield, so I have a whole load cut out, fray checked and then in various stages of assembly. In the ‘being worked on’ phase right now are a pink little Wood, called Willow, a red and brown Thistle, called Aji, and a blue and green Thistle, called Bluegrass. There are another 5 queued up cut out, and another 5 to be cut out, but I’m trying to be realistic about what I can achieve in 7 weeks! So hopefully these 3, and another 2 of the queued Thistles will make it.

Anyway, having posted about this mass production line on Facebook, a very wise friend suggested I be careful not to muddle up the parts. Now my friend Lynne, of Jack and Lilia, makes fabulous wee beras, and often the collections are in relatively similar colours, so I see her point, but I’m thinking Willow, Aji and Bluegrass should be pretty safe unless we get to over 70 hours a week at the day job. At that point, as one colleague pointed out, colour mixing and matching may be the least of their problems, as they gain extra eyes, lose limbs, and have ears sewn onto their knees ;o)