It was a cold and frosty morning, the temperature was in the minus figures, and your hero was standing in the bathroom about to get into the shower when the buzzer went. And not a little buzz, someone was leaning on it! Not once, but twice! Now our buzzer doesn’t actually do anything but buzz. It can’t let anyone in, so someone has to go out the front door, down the hall, down the stairs and down the corridor to the main front door. This morning that someone was only wearing a goonie and a pair of shoes when she opened the door to the impatient postie and the elements. The parcel having been flung at her (yes, actually flung! Brings a whole new meaning to air mail!), she retreated back upstairs to the flat, closed the front door, and carefully opened the box. And look what she found:

This is Misae, who has just flown all the way from Emma’s Bears in Australia, in what must have been a record breaking 1 week. I think she was a little non-plussed by the cold, but she has been enjoying snuggling on the sofa all day with Beatrix, from All Bear, and Amabilis, plus Aji and Bluegrass’ heads (she thought that was a little freaky) Check out Emma’s Bearpile page for more of her gorgeous creations.

Speaking of Beatrix, she’s all happy because she made it into the new 2011 Hugglet’s Guide, in the review of the Hugglets fair in February. Yours trully was less chuffed, it was not a flattering picutre of me, although Beatrix always look fab…

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