So I have a queue of Thistles just waiting to be made up. There’s 7 of them in varying stages from sketched out on the mohair, to cut out, to having some of the seams and prep work done. There’s also a BIG Wood that’s waiting patiently too – he’s actually as far as being tacked, but alas, with all the day job stuff going on before Sheffield, I had to reluctantly put him to one side in favour of finishing 3 smaller bears. So how bad should I feel about skipping right over them for a new design?

Err, I admit it, I’m not feeling bad at all. Nope, not one little bit! After all, that Thistle fabric is getting harder to find, I should probably space them out in availability, right? And do I have space on the stall for another HUGE bear come the next fair? Look, they’re my excuses and I’m sticking to them!

I’m trying out two new designs in fact, one of which is going to my TT Christmas Ornament Swap partner. I loved doing this swap last year, so can’t wait to see this years’ creations :o) Bear #1 has turned out a leeeeetle bit bigger than anticipated (okay, about twice the size, but who’s counting) I’m going to have to make a concerted effort with the sizing of bear #2, because I don’t have that much of the mohair I want to use lol

Right, the lightbox, paper and pencil are beckoning, catch you all later :o)

Happy thanksgiving to my American followers!