Oh dear, why do I ever decide to make outfits for my bears?! It seems such a good idea at the time until I try and make the pattern! Bluegrass’ pattern is just giving me fits right now, but I think I might finally have cracked it on paper. I’ll try it out in sheeting material before moving on to the real material. Aji’s was a bit easier, but I’ll still do a trial run first. Bobbie Ripperger very kindly sent me a set of patterns that she’d created for a yahoo group a few years ago, but I think she’d have been tearing her hair out watching as I battled with Bluegrass lol

Anyway, tomorrow I’m off to the Scottish Bear Fair in Troon. It’s a shame that this was advertised a couple of weeks after I’d signed up for Sheffield, as Troon is much closer. Maybe next year I’ll try for both of them, although I think I’d need to start stock piling in January! I shall take the camera along anyway and see what I can share with you from the day though.