Sorry I haven’t posted lately, but I’ve been ill pretty much since the end of November – ugh! However I did get 2 creations finished, and another nearly done, he should be ready to pose for pics tomorrow.

I’d like you to meet Rudy. Unfortunately Rudy hasn’t made it to his TT ornament swap recipient yet, having been caught up in the great Royal Mail bad weather debacle. He was posted on the 6th December, well within his posting time to Europe, but alas he’s still lounging in his box. I do hope he arrives soon!

Rudy was a completely new design for me, as he has a double neck joint, and a joint at his wrists. I do hope his recipient likes him!

Next up is Berracht, named by my dad, who received him for Christmas, because he’s sporting a Cameron of Erracht tartan ribbon. Berracht has a double neck joint, elbow and wrist joints and is my first 4 piece body design. Phew, what a lot of new techniques on a little bear!

Hopefully there will be more photos soon, but as I finished him at 2:30 am on Christmas day, I didn’t get to studio shoot him!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas :o)