Last Friday M&M and I packed up our bags and headed down south for the British Bear Artists Awards in Brighton. We spent Saturday in London, and had great fun around Carnaby Street, must go back another time when it’s not heaving with Christmas shoppers!

On Sunday we went to Brighton, where M&M did his best hang dog ‘it wasn’t me that ate the cookies’ look, but alas the judges weren’t fooled! Big congratulations go to Marilyn Lambert of Barling Bears who not only won our category 4, but also category 12, the Teddy Bear Times award, so Madison will be gracing the cover of the next TBT. Congrats also to Lynn Bowie, of Madabout Bears for coming second, and Fiona Wells of Bumble Bears, for coming third.

We came home with two new friends, Goldie, a Teddy Buys bear, and a Brendan’s Bear, who is still contemplating his new name (as he was just named for his fur colour, Old Gold). Photos will follow as soon as the new toy (aka the new camera) arrives this weekend!

M&M is now getting ready to head off to his new mum in Stockport, and Amabilis is getting ready to leave mum and dad’s to move to her new home in Blackpool, so they’re both quite pleased with themselves!

As for me, I came home with some new mohair from Brighton and lots of inspiration for some vintage bears. There are two special guests, Ted and Teddy, coming for Christmas who will no doubt help with the inspiration, as they’re my mum and dad’s own very original bears.

I also got a couple of new bears almost sewn up on the train there and back, and hope to be able to share pics soon! Also hoping my Christmas ornament swap bear arrives with his new mum soon so that I can share pics of him as well :o)