I haven’t seen my postie in a while, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same old guy it’s been for about the last 10 years.  I’m also pretty sure he has no valentine’s day feelings for me, but he did conspire to ensure I had a great valentine’s day anyway!  By not managing to deliver several things because of the ridiculous hours I’ve been doing at the day job, he had to leave a card, which meant I got to toddle up to the sorting office today and pick up some pressies I got all for myself :o) 

First, please meet the beautiful Lavender Rose, from Bry at Thingummy & Co:

Then there was the lovely Leyla and her froggie pal from Felie at Les Lily’z Bears:

And finally I got 2 fabulous pieces of mohair that are destined to be several Thistles, from Alison at Teddy Bear Mohair, from her new Not Your Mama’s Mohair line.  They are VERY bright, and oh so cool!  Not sharing them with you yet though, all I can says is that all the pieces are one of a kind, and my mother cringed at the thought of them going together (they will be ;o) )

Hope you’ve all had such a great day too :o)