I’m so giddy with the excitement of getting a whole day to ‘bear’ today after all the hours I’ve been doing at work.  I had a little time off the other day too, and got the sewing bits done, so now I have today to assemble the pieces into a couple of vintage style bears.  I’m hoping today is going to get to be the messy bit :oD 

I’ll be off to Hugglets nex weekend, so I’m planning on taking whatever is left to try and finish either on the 5 hour train journey either way or on the Saturday or Sunday evening when I’m down there staying at the ‘Bates Motel’.  Also got poor old Maple’s accessory to finish (yep, that’d be the bear I finished on New Year’s Day!) but I’d been thwarted by the lack of some buttons, and then the ability to go and get some.  I’m now armed with the buttons, and also some ribbon and buckles, so I’ll get him done next weekend too.  I might also get Sage’s brother/sister done, but as I also have bearth certificates to complete, I’m trying not to get too ambitious lol

The new creations will be available at Rivington Hall Barn Doll & Teddy Bear Fair on 12th March in Horwich, near Bolton :o)