Okay, we’ll start with the good stuff, the giveaway.  Head on over to Joanne at Desertmountainbear and check out the book she’s giving away.  It sounds like a wonderful book full of really interesting stories:

Then scoot on over to see Ginger at Bearbits who’s celebrating her 500th post, and giving away the amazingly cute May-bee:

Now to the award. Linda, the Olde Bagg, tagged me for the versatile blogger award – eek!

Okay, so 3 things you didn’t know about me:

1. I have ridiculously small hands and feet for my size.  Seriously, my little hands shop in the kids’ department, which is a little awkward for my 5’7″ self!  While all my friends of similar height at school shopped for size 7 or 8 shoes, there I was lurking around in the 5 1/2 to 6s.  Now that I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t the most common size for women, so it’s always the huge ones that are available in the sales ;o)

2. I love raw chocolate chip cookie dough – I’ve been known to make batches of it and freeze it, so I can indulge in a cookie’s worth every now and again, for some reason it becomes less exciting when cooked lol

3. I have touchy feely issues.  I can’t stand the sensations of some things, to the point that I physically jerk away from them.  This can be a tad embarassing, but I’m blaming my mother (who, incidentally, reads this blog) for building me up through years of touching weird fabric clothes in shops when I was little (it was the 80’s) – mum, you gave me weird OCD issues!

Now to nominate further victims recipients:

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I’ve gone for 5, so here’s hoping at least one of them reads this ;o)