I know, I know, I promised these days ago, but I’ll confess to having got a little distracted by the Sew Mama Sew May Giveaway – over 600 blog (I believe) were doing giveaways, and it took quite a while to get through them all by the Wednesday night deadline lol  Last night I was out for the evening, and was ill all night, oh well, who knew diet coke, a little bit of halloumi and and some veggie pakoras were that evil (actually, it was coming for a few days, totally not the food’s fault!)

Anywho, here the clothes are on ‘Baby Jennifer’.  She belongs to a friend of mine’s wee girl, and she came over for a final fitting over last weekend/Monday.  On Tuesday I took her back along with her new wardrobe, and on Wednesday I got to see a flurry of quite blurry iPhone photos from my friend, as her wee girl tore into the bag and got out the blue pinafore dress and the dungarees.  Her mum’s holding the rest back for school awards day and things.  Apparently she spent the whole night dressing, redressing and talking to her, so glad she was happy with them, I was so worried!

I don’t think I’ll be breaking this out into a business venture as they took so long to do, although I think quite a lot of that was the reassurance several times that I was on the right lines size and shape wise.  It was also very much a learning experience, which will be great for dressing both the bears and me!  I did have to remember that they would be played with, which is rather different from the bear outfits, but taught me a few things about making things for myself anyway.