First of all, I have to introduce you all to my fab new ellie, Popcorn, who came from my friend Kristina waaaaay over in Alberta, Canada.  Check out her blog, Kristina Bears, to see more of her creations.  I’ve borrowed his two photos she had up there because he dived right on into the hug, and I’ve not been able to tear him away from making introductions since!

So onto what I’ve been up to…

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned to a friend and colleague of mine how I was going to be making Glinda’s dress.  Her eyes lit up, and the next thing I knew I’d agreed to make quite the wardrobe of clothes for her daughter’s My Twin Bitty Baby doll.  Have I mentioned that I’ve never made doll’s clothes before?  And that Glinda’s dress was, thus far, my only attempt at a properly fitted garmet?!

Anyway, nothing ventured and all that lol.  We had a trip to Mandors, our fab local fabric shop, and she chose a number of fat quarters of colourful material.  I also got a loan of the doll overnight and fashioned some basic pattern pieces with the help of The Doll’s Dressmaker, several metres of sheeting material and a LOT of alterations.  It turns out that Bitty Babies are, well, chunky!  I think it’s to do with their construction with the cloth body, although that was quite handy to pin into – these things are so much easier to do on things that don’t shriek and leak when you stick sharp objects into them ;o)

This weekend I am attempting to render these garments in the new, funky material, and I shall be sure to share when I’m done, although, stupid me, I didn’t get matching thread, so for the 4 I don’t have corresponding colours for, I’ll need to nip out either to Mandors or Hobbycraft, depending on whether I’m meeting my friend Jo for a dressmaking day tomorrow or not.  That would be adult sized dressmaking btw!