I have a rather diverse collection of both patterns and fabric sitting on my work table right now.  There’s mohair to make a slightly vintage-ish, realistic-ish critter, mohair for a cutesy wee critter, alpaca for a couple of new smaller bears, and unusually coloured mohair for a rather grander bear design.  I’m really excited as I’ve never attempted either of these types of critter before, I’ve never used alpaca before, and I’ve certainly never attempted what I’m trying to pull off with the bigger bear before.  Then I have bag patterns I’ve been working on, and oilcloth and furnishing weight cotton.  Next are the Bitty Baby clothes in various stages of completion.  So much to do, so little time!

I need to do some rearranging of my work area, and then first up are the Bitty Baby clothes so that I can get them completed for my friend by Monday.  After that I want to work on some bags today, and tomorrow the bears, although tomorrow I’m also going to check out the inaugural Little Birds Market at Sloans in Glasgow city centre to see if it might be a suitable selling venture going forward.

Hope everyone has a great weekend :o)