When Linda, over at Olde Baggs ‘n Stuft Shirts said she was hosting a Return To Oz party, I signed up, thinking I’d have plenty of time to get something done.  Then work happened – and I mean, it happened to the tune of 70+ hour weeks including weekends. and a couple of commissions happened, and I didn’t get to participate on time, however I did promise I’d get there eventually, so here we are…

As soon as we knew what the theme of the party was going to be, we got our thinking caps on.  There were many suggestions, a number all of which were ruled out (mean old LT – The Clan).  It really wasn’t practical to try and recreate the tornado scene in the living room, and building a yellow brick road would have been rather messy, not to mention having rather limited places for it to go.  So we eventually settled on recreating a beary replica of one of the cast, but who would it be?

Dorothy was eliminated from the pigtail point of view, certainly for now, Toto would have been odd on his own without Dorothy, the tin many would have required fur of a very unusual colour, and the idea of making a scarecrow bear with a stick up its backside did not appeal to the Clan!  The Wicked Witch was ruled out (for reasons which will become obvious later), and a Munchkin wouldn’t really have looked like a munchkin without someone else beside them for scale, so in the end we decided on Glinda.

Now Glinda was a girl who liked her pink, so we chose a lovely pink mohair, that came from the, now sadly closed, Teddy Bear Mohair shop.  We also thought we’d try out some eyelashes for a more girly look, and a nice embroidered nose with silver flecks.  We drew the pattern up, and she became bear shaped fairly quickly, however this was where we had a commission intervention before she could get dressed!

When Glinda clapped eyes on the new commission, she had a rather sinking feeling.  Having been absorbing all her Oz ancestry, the recollection of a bouncing green and black baby was giving her some paws for thought…

She had a suspicion that causing trouble was rather in its nature, however it seemed to want to become friends

‘But what about my dress?’ wailed Glinda, pointing to the pile of fabric, ‘I was supposed to be all dressed up for a party!’

The new little baby seemed to be sorry, but alas, the party had been missed.

The new baby, or Theslow as he became known, headed off to his new home, where he became a mascot, and eventually, after a bunny had also hopped through, Glinda’s dress and crown were finally made:

With a white net underskirt, a white satin base and sparkly white net overlay, she was very proud of her dress, as were the rest of the Clan, although there were some mutterings about the fact that THEY didn’t have a dress like that! 

Her crown is made of mirror card, and she has a sparkly wand.

Crowns can squish your ears though, so sometimes it’s good to take them off too:

Glinda breathed a sigh of relief, finally she was all dressed up for the party, she does hope she has someone to play with soon!
Thanks for dropping by our belated Return To Oz party, Glinda will be available through my website and Etsy shop in the next few days :o)