I had about 95% completed this dress last night, but I just had to call it quits just before midnight since it was a ‘schoolday’ today.  I had it done within an hour of being home from work though, so that perked me up :o)

In the end, the bodice for this required a complete redesign.  You may recall me complaining that the previous dress was too baggy at the top, well this one suffered in the same way.  Unlike the other one though, this was a one piece front with a dart up to the bustline on either side.  When I tried just doing a dart from the underarm I ended up with the Madonna look, and while the ’80s have been making a comeback, I seriously don’t think the cone boobs have yet!  In the end I cut up from the dart and curved round a bit to the underarm, and inserted another panel with a curve quite similar to how the first dress front was constructed around the bust. It took to the wee small hours of Sunday morning to work out how I could rectify my problem, and while I tried to work all day on it yesterday, I needed a few breaks!

This is a batik print cotton.  When I bought it it had some yellow marks randomly through the roll on the fabric, but thankfully it washed out when I prewashed it :o)

I shall endeavour to get some photos of me actually in all these creations in Provence, just to prove Diana isn’t the only one that can wear them lol