Between Blogger playing up and an insane notion that tonight would be a great night to run backups of various drives, I realise it’s now technically Saturday morning, but who cares!

Anyway, a little earlier this week, what should drop through the letterbox but my Rainbow Charms from the first round of the Rainbow Charm Swap (alas I was snoozing when the 2nd round was posted, so I missed it)  Still, isn’t this a pretty collection?  No, I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but it’s preeeetttttty.  Okay, except the spiders, they’re icky (sorry to whoever provided the spiders!) but the rest are pretty!

So this is what I was working on tonight for the Friday Night Sew In whilst Blogger was acting up and my files were doing the hard drive shuffle.  What, doesn’t look like much?  Well sorry, it’s as close as you’ll get to seeing my mug rug for the Mug Rug Swap.  It’s now all sewn and quilted, and tomorrow morning I’ll hopefully get it all done with the binding.  I can tell you I was seriously sweating the quilting (something that seemed such a good idea turned out to be a little daunting, but I managed it), and I hope my partner, Jan, likes it.  I’ll post a pic once she’s received it.

With that almost done, here’s what else I have an appointment with over the next week:

First up is Camelia.  I think you can pretty much guess what Camelia is, although, granted, the pop socks may be a little baffling.  They do have a purpose though, I can assure you!

I also have to get back into this book for the July sew along (nothing like leaving it till the last minute)

It’s the key keeper coin purse, and I’ve been assured that it’s quick to do.  The patterns already traced out and ready to go, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it is quick, as I’ve a bag to do to match it too from last month’s pattern (the bigger one this time)

I will give anyone a prize that can guess what this is going to be.  Seriously, I don’t think anyone will guess, and it certainly wasn’t something I ever expected to be asked to make!  The things you do for your friends…

I’m hoping these will be a quick project to enhance the dress I’m going to be wearing to my uncle’s birthday party next weekend.  I have ideas, we’ll see how they turn out (and if it doesn’t work, the fabric was all of £2 total, and I’ll be wasting about 20p’s worth at most, plus the dress looks fine as is)

So I think that should keep me busy for the next week!  I doubt I’ll finish Camelia, as I’m hand sewing (since I started her on holiday) but we’ll see, especially as I’ve 2 bearth certificates to do before the fair next weekend too.