I made it back from deepest Provence last night.  I have a half finished panda in tow, and, as promised, photos in the finished holiday wardrobe creations.  I’m not that fond of me in some of these photos, but I’ll live with it lol

First up, the Riley Blake skirt in the vineyard outside our gite just before going out for our first lunch (no idea why I’m leaning, hadn’t even had a glass of wine at this point…):

Then the green dotty skirt, taken in the village of Gigondas, after a fabulous lunch (so please ignore expanding waistlines ;o) ):

Then there was the blue gingham, taken before lunch in the village of Monieux:

And finally the blue batik just before dinner at Le Mas De Vignes part way up Mont Ventoux (err, yes, we had a lot of fabulous food out)

Jack will, of course, be posting on his travel blog about his bear’s eye view on Provence.  He’ll do a post a day for 2 weeks, and there are LOTS of photos, be warned lol