Ahhh, Friday once more, how I’ve missed you!

With the fair last week, and a new commute for the next few weeks, I’ve not had time to get to much over the last week, but for this weekend I have some plans. 

First up is some more work on my new wee panda girl, and I’ll share with you why her head was wrapped in cling film!

This is what I started with tonight: one panda head, one piece of cling film, one wet wipe, one block of black Fimo, one pair of small, sharp scissors, and one bag of 2mm eyes.

For my first trick, I wielded scissors against fur, and trimmed back her fur around the tip of her nose:

Next I started rolling the Fimo around, softening and shaping it.  Now given that this is what my hands looked like after my first stab at shaping the nose, you’ll understand why a) I didn’t want my hands to transfer it to the fur, b) why I didn’t want it to come in direct contact with the fur, and c) where the wet wipe came in!

After trying to shape the nose around one of the eyes, so that I could utilise the loops, I realised that the eye was too small, and would pull back out again, so up stepped the black wire I also had:

After creating a loop and getting it embedded in the nose back, I tried it on for size:

After I was happy with the fit, I popped it in the oven:

I’m going to leave it overnight to cool, then attach it to her head in the morning.

Once I’ve got her nose on, I’ll finish her head, and then possibly move on to the 2nd new technique on the foot pads, or I might leave that 2nd bit till next weekend, we’ll see how it goes.

Next up I want to cover the foam block cushion I got as a booster seat for my sewing chair.  My sewing chair is a standard desk chair, but with my machine on my table, it’s just a tad bit too high to sit and sew comfortably for hours at the machine.  I’m going to use some of my goodies from the Japanese fabric swap, and have a block pattern worked out for the top.  Alas, I haven’t got a ridiculously long zip at the moment, so I don’t think I’ll be using it this weekend unless I decide to deviate to Hobbycraft on the way back from taking the recycling to the tip.  This would be a hell of a detour, as it’s in completely the opposite direction from my flat ;o)  Still, you never know…

And finally I’ll be using this, what, still no guesses as to what it may be? :oD

I’ll hopefully show all by Sunday night :o)

Have a great weekend all