So I got home tonight and saw my little mail pile that the flatmate had popped in its usual place, and was surprised to see a smallish jiffy bag at the bottom.  Running through the possibilities, I struck off the idea that it was a fabric delivery, as I hadn’t been late night, online shopping recently, and it was too early to be the fabric for my first bee blocks, so I was a tad stumped!  Then I picked it up and saw that it had come all the way from Slovenia (via Australia and New Zealand I think, given how long it took to get here!) and realised that it was the long lost giveaway prize from Kristina at Blackbird Bags!

Poor Kristina sent this to me on the 17th July, and we’ve been fretting about its whereabouts ever since, so I was so glad to see that it hadn’t fallen down the proverbial postal black hole :o)

Isn’t this a pretty little parcel?

Inside was this pretty re-usable shopping bag.  With plastic bags being a big no-no, it’s great to have something a little smaller than the standard heavy duty re-usable shopper that you take to the supermarket, and can instead just slip inside your handbag in case you need to pick up a thing or two on the way home from work or something.  Here it is all folded up:

And here it is all opened out:

Wish I’d paid attention to how those handles went in quite so elegantly lol  Still, I’ve got it all nicely folded up again and popped it in my bag ready to go – wonder what its first use will be…