I mentioned on Friday that I’m taking part in the Mug Rug and Goodie Swap hosted by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting.  We got our partner assignments on Saturday and we also had a little homework to make up an inspiration mosaic, which I knocked up last night.  Now, do you remember when your mum wouldn’t let you do your homework last thing at night just before it’s due because you might not read things properly?  Err, well, she may have been right.  I made a lovely mosaic up of things that were inspiring me.  Turns out it should have been things that I wanted to inspire the people making for me – oopsie!

Anywho, here’s the inspiring me one:

I think this probably scared the bejesus out of whoever has me thinking I was expecting something like this!

So anyway, here’s one of things that I’d like:

You’ll notice mine is another row/column bigger, but hey, I’m trying to inspire 2 people here lol 

Should anyone else want to make their own mosaics, fill yer boots at Mosaic Maker.  I take absolutely no responsibility for any time you may get sucked away over there…  Be aware that if people have ‘opted out’ (although how you would do that I don’t know) you will get white squares.  This is INCREDIBLY frustrating, and has wasted about an hour more than I should have spent on this because it happened 5 times – argh!  Also, unless you become a member, you can’t save a photo and upload it.  I found about 10 tutorials I’d have loved to have shared photos of, but because of how they appear on the site, I couldn’t get the URL for the photo.  I’ve counted to 10 several times in the last hour…

And with that I’m off to chain piece some blocks, like I should have been doing an hour ago!