Well I thought I was done this bit yesterday, until I realised I’d sewed 2 of the rows on backwards.  There was much muttering under my breath of an awful lot of sweary words.  I briefly considered just leaving it, but the colours were just too unbalanced :o/  So the seam ripper and I got friendly and hit the quilt…

Anyway, here’s the current stage:

The next step is to do the scrappy border and then the white border – argh, I have no more room to display this!!!  As it is I’ve already had to add a board to the end of the sofa.  The only obvious place for this is my gran’s living room floor, alas, as it’s her birthday pressie, that would rather render the surprise less than surprising!  I do promise to get a final photo there on her birthday though.

Right, onto the goodies for the swap.  I’ve spent all day tinkering with sketches for one of them and I think I’ve worked it out now.