There were a few more things I meant to add into last night’s post, but when you post at 2 am you forget things ;o)

Anyway, without further ado, the forgotten things:

Remember the ruff photo?  (How could you forget? ;o) )  Well it’s being published in one of the UK photo magazines (Digital SLR Photography) – WTG Cole!

Next, a couple of books arrived this week thanks to Mr Amazon (although not thanks to the Home Delivery Network who just left the parcel on the stairs in the communal close after I’d specifically said I’d go and collect them!)

First up is Lighting For Portrait Photography by Steve Bavister.  A friend of mine has the original edition, and we spent some time in the studio of my old camera club having fun recreating photos of some famous people.  The new version has more photos and even better set up diagrams, so I’m hoping to get some great shots using it when I’m on holiday in Skye in October with my photography friends.  For anyone reading that likes portrait photography, this book basically shows detailed diagrams of how to set up shots to get different lighting effects from natural light to flashes to studio lighting, and describes how it was done.  A lot of the subjects are famous people, so you can be pretty assured that this guy knows his stuff ;o)

Next up is Block Party by Kristen Lejnieks and Alissa Haight Carlton.  I saw this on Sew Mama Sew, as they’re running the modern BOM with the authors at the moment, however although I ordered these books over a month ago, apaprently they were taking an extremely leisurely swim from their original printing venue.  I’ve briefly flipped through it, but I’m hoping to get more into it shortly.

And now to the more…

Judith at Rags To Bags is having a fabric giveway of 10 fat quarters of Momo Freebird, head on over to check it out.

As for my list, well, er, I’ve been to gran’s, done the supermarket shopping, done the dishes and got some soup on.  The sewing’s up next!