Okay, we’ll get the sulking out of the way first – Blogger is refusing to let me post on some people’s blogs.  Being the good little software tester that I am, I have figured out exactly what the combined set of circumstances are that causes this (comments, when clicking to add, open below the post, and have the captcha code visible after you press submit) but alas, not what causes it – grrr.  I have cleared cookies and heaven only knows what else.  I have tried going back to staying signed in (after discovering after Blogger’s last SNAFU, that leaving myself signed in prevented me from leaving ANY comments), and it’s steadfastly refusing to play.  So if I normally comment on your blog and haven’t, it’s not you, it’s me.  Or rather it’s Blogger hating me…  So now I’m sulking.

As for the deliveries, look what my neighbour handed me tonight (thus saving me the wait for the card, and subsequent trip to the sorting office)

This is the first package that I’ve received from the mug rug and goodie swap, all made just for me!  I had to laugh because it’s come a whopping 10 miles to me, and Kat had considered hand delivering it, but thought that may creep me out… Honestly, I’d have been more impressed if she’d found my front door, it eludes most people, including many delivery drivers!

When I saw the sewing tidy, I had no clue it was for me (although I did think it was a fab idea) but I had an inkling the mug rug might have been.  Near the start of the swap someone had asked about our favourite drinks, and I’d fessed up to being a *gasp* tea and coffee hater!  I did say that I treated myself to a glass of coke at the weekends, and that’s what I got.  Although that photo is terrible (sorry, will try again tomorrow!) I can tell you that she stitched on ice cubes, such a cool idea!  I also got some lovely corduroy fabric scraps (which may require me to pin Kat down to demand to know where it came from – serious love!)  and some Galaxy chocolate.  I have plans for this already (well, perhaps not the scraps in the short term) but for the rest of it, I can see it coming to Skye with me in just over a week, so that my fellow photographers/hollidayers don’t end up impaling themselves on pins and scissors…

Now onto delivery #2.  Although I wasn’t expecting this until the end of the week (and neither was the guy that I got it from, and as it comes direct from Brother, he has no control of that), please meet Big Brother, and NX-2000.  Here he is posing next to Little Brother, so you can get a sense of scale.  I think I heard the puppy in Little Brother’s stitch guide whimper a little bit, and as for Big Brother’s Little Brother (aka the overlocker) he’s hiding behind Big Brother completely…  Please note that this is WITHOUT the extension table being attached!  Anyway, he’s not been fired up yet, as I think I may need to sit down with the manual at the weekend, but I hope he’s a quick study, as I have a quilt to finish!