Well, what started out as a nice weekend weather-wise, has descended into torrential rain,oh well, at least I got some photos taken before it did!

My mum was up visiting, so we used my gran’s back garden as a studio…

Firstly, mum in her dress (looking somewhat less startled)

And then me in the new skirt.  Forgive the photo, the top is actually much longer, but I hoiked it up to get a better shot of the skirt – alas, it all came out a bit bumfled and gave me another spare tyre round my middle!

So I had another go with Diana tonight (as really, the world is not ready to see me topless, no, not ever!)

This skirt was the bane of my life over the last week.  It’s from Burda 7437, but the pattern wasn’t exactly what I was after.  It was the closest I could get from browsing the pattern books in Mandors though, so i figured I could make alterations as I went.  Firstly the HUGE pockets on the pattern front went out the window, and I designed much smaller ones.  The only thing was, there’s a kind of half dart thing on the front of the skirt which comes out under the pocket.  I managed to twist those flipping darts on both pockets before I got it right – argh!  There were also no pockets on the back, so I just threw them in.  To make it more like a denim skirt (which was the style I was after), I double topstitched all the seams and the pockets, which added to the timrframe somewhat! The pleat at the back also added quite a lot of extra fabric for no logical reason, but never mind…  I think now I’ve seen how to do the zip at the front, I’ll have a go at drafting one from scratch for the burgundy cord I’ve got, although that can wait a few weeks until I’m feeling stronger lol 

I grabbed another shot of the Blossom bag before mum adopted it – so much nicer when it’s not against yellow walls!

Finally, I got the border for my Across The Sea QAL done, and a photo taken.  This was a rather risky venture as it’s my gran’s birthday pressie and I was sewing it in her kitchen and took this photo on her washing line.  She was a tad grumpy that I was hiding things from her, so I may be paying for this for a while!  (Excuse the dark bit at the top, the line was a bit grubby, no matter how many times it was wiped, so we stuck her pressing pad under the 3 main pegs to protect the top)

Now I’m off to quilt my last mug rug, and cut out the blocks for the back of this quilt :o)

I’m linking this up to Stitched In Colour’s Celebrate Colour both wearables and quilts :o)