I really shouldn’t be here this week, well not at home anyway, I was meant to be at my mum and dad’s for their birthday party dance tomorrow, and sewing up the hem for my mum’s dress.  Unfortunately one of my colleagues donated her cold which has been building up to full strength over the week.  Add that to the air con having packed in at work, so we’re slowly boiling alive each day (it may be the UK, but have you ever been in an open plan office with 100 odd PCs and associated bodies generating heat with no air con?)  For health and safety reasons (like the fact that we’re 4 floors up in an old building, which is about 8 floors up in a normal building) the windows barely open, but the people next to them have valiantly opened them that 3 inch crack each day.  If only the breeze would blow across the 6 desks and 2 walkways to reache me so that I could feel it, alas, the only thing that has been circulating well is the dust from the demolition of an old breezeblock building a few doors down *cough* *splutter*.  Yes, this week the day job is genuinely killing me lol  Consequently I’m staying at home to recuperate, I posted the dress, and mum’s left to hem it herself – sorry mum!

This weekend I need to finish my second bee block.  This is the very first month of my very first quilting bee – Sew Bee Joyful.  We have wonky log cabins to do, and here’s the first one I put together last night (honestly, the right hand side isn’t wobbly, it’s just refusing to lie flat right now – grr)

Next I have a patient in for surgery.  This was another one of those ‘you can sew can’t you?’ conversations, this time with my former manager that sits opposite me in the office.  When moving house recently his 3 year old son, Ben, had found Jason’s childhood bear and wanted to keep him out of boxes to play with him.  Slightly appalled at the state of said bear, Jason decided he needed a bit of plastic surgery first.  Here is the patient at the moment:

Poor bear had a rather unfortunate encounter with a fire when Jason was 2 and posted him over the fire guard – his eyes melted, and possibly his nose, although I can’t see a hole for a plastic nose.  He has slight scorch marks on one side of his snout too, but that can’t be fixed.  He also has an assortment of patch up jobs that Jason himself attempted as a child. 

I’ve found him a set of nice new safety eyes, and intend to unpick all the stitches and replace his stuffing (foam chips) with some nice bouncifill.  I will need to patch the holes where his eyes were whilst he’s ‘un-stuffed’, but that should be hidden by the new eyes.

This weekend I want to try and finish my goodie swap too, and maybe get started on my Amy Butler Sewalong bag of the month.  I’m trying not to do too much though, because my friend Jo will shout at me on Monday if I have (my mum away from home lol)

I’ve been so happy to see recently how many of my friends from outside the garment sewing/quilty world have been threatening to dust off their sewing machines and get creating, can’t wait to see what you all come up with :o)

Have a great weekend all.