Or Saturday morning very early.  Or whatever…

Anywho, first up I’ve got a couple of lovely giveaways to tell you about.

1. First from Sue, of Teddybuys, is the very sweet, and seasonal, Pumpkin:

2. And secondly, from Annabella at Kech Quilts, is a FQ bundle of Moroccan Mirage in the Marrakech colourway (which just happens to be where Annabella lives).  Isn’t it pretty?

Now onto other things I finally finished that flipping skirt (you’ll notice my feelings towards it got rather more antagonistic as the week went on!) and I wore it today to the Scottish Quilt Championships, where I discovered a couple of things, first that the skirt needed a bar hook fastening on the waistband, and second that I’m at least 20 years younger than the great and the good of the Scottish Quilt Champs on a Friday ;o)

I attended one workshop on piecing, which I can’t show you because of the teacher’s paranoia that she will lose her copyright as soon as a photo hits the internet.  As I wasn’t particularly attached to the project, or impressed with her, I will accordingly continue to not mention her or feature it…  I did well on my shopping list, mundane as it may have been with highlights of basting spray and batting, and I came away with a fair chunk of change from my budget given that there was very little fabric grabbing me.  Oh, and a new sewing machine.  So perhaps I didn’t have change exactly…  I’d like to show you a photo, but it’s so new, it’s not actually officially released until 1st October, and only officially hit the trade fairs today, however the guy from the shop that I got it from persuaded them that he might get business on it at the show too if they let him have one early.  It’s a bigger Brother, with a larger throat, all the better to digest bags and quilts, and he very kindly did me a very nice payment plan on it interest free.  I will show you it in all its just landed from Mars glory when it arrives next week…

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