I have memory issues, apparently connected to my dyslexia.  On a bad day it can mean getting up from the PC, walking into the kitchen and forgetting why I went (or like earlier tonight, walking over to the other side of the room to get some wee bags to put my back block pieces in for the Across The Sea QAL, and getting distracted by an e-mail before walking back to the cutting table bagless…)  Anywho, last week Jenna, over at Sew Happy Geek announced that she would be having surgery next month and was looking for guest bloggers.  Yes, dear friends, she was short enough of volunteers that she chose me ;o) 

And where exactly is this all leading?  Well, the observant amongst you have noticed a poll over there on the right asking what project I should do for the tutorial I plan for that guest post.  I meant to put it in the blog post on Sunday, and forgot.  Then I meant to put it in the post yesterday, and forgot.  So now, here are the options with a bit of explanation:

  1. A reinforced base folding shopper – whilst I love the little soft folding bags that pack away to virtually nothing (like the one I won from Blackbird Bags back in August) sometimes you need to humph something a bit heftier, like a few tins of beans or bottles of coke, and a more solid bottom is required.  The plan is for a bag with a solid base that will fold in half, in some nice home decor weight fabric
  2. A coolbag for a lunchbox – is it just me, or are those wee bags that you get free in Marks and Spencers in the summer (having first spent a fortune in deli items) or the ones kids are meant to take their lunch in, not designed to take a sensible sized lunchbox?  I can only surmise that the designers only ever try to get a yoghurt and a wee bag or sarnies in there, because although my lunchbox will fit, it’ll only go in sideways, rendering the handle useless (not being a sarnie fan, I take in salads, and those leaves take up space in boxes lol).  For this option I’m planning to make an insulated bag with an oilcloth lining, that will actually fit a lunchbox in flat and have a functioning handle
  3. A zippered pouch with a zipped inner pocket – well everyone and his wife has a zippered pouch tutorial, but as my dad often says, you can never have too many wee bags (or is that my mum talking about my dad’s collection of bags… ;o) ).  For this option I’m planning a fussy cut outer, similar to the one I made recently for the goodie swap, with a little innner pocket, perfect for sewing projects, make up, chargers when travelling, or just to have and admire :oD

Off you go and vote, most popular selection by next Sunday will be the featured tutorial (and I may save the other 2 for another time)

Right, now you’ve put up with reading all that, here’s the gratuitous photo of all my hard work for the evening, cutting the blocks and backing fabric for my Across The Sea QAL quilt (rivetingly exciting with all that white, no?).  I’m hoping to get it all pieced and back-shaped by the end of the week, so that I can baste it, quilt it and bind it this weekend – wish me luck!